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The Discourse

This week on the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, lots of great music and an article about Nanaimo’s derelict centerpiece buildings from The Discourse.

This amazing publication is vying for a permanent place in the Nanaimo media landscape, and all they need is a show of hands. Click here to enter your email address and you will be counted as a voice in favour of community-driven journalism in Nanaimo.

Another cool opportunity is to secure a place for CHLY as a founding partner for this initiative! The Discourse is offering a place in their publication for CHLY and The Radio Malaspina Society (the non-profit that runs the station). All we need to do is raise some cash. Go to if you’d like to contribute.

This is the file, which airs live to 40 coastal communities at 8am PST on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 via badass terrestrial radio station 101.7CHLY-FM

  • Fat White Family – Tastes Good With the Money
  • Fat White Family – Kim’s Sunsets
  • Fat White Family – Fringe Runner
  • Fat White Family – Rock Fishes
  • Toubab Krewe – Hang Tan
  • Dope Lemon – Home Soon
  • Mike Nyoni and Born Free – Mad Man
  • Dan Reader – Havana Burning
  • Vulfpeck – Rango II
  • Willie Mitchell – Windy
  • Jenny Lewis – Little White Dove
  • The Discourse: Plans to Revitalize Old A&B Sound Building in Downtown Nanaimo, By Julie Chadwick. Read by Ashta. Music: Ludovico Einaudi – Canzone Africana IV
  • Caribou – Odessa

First bee sting

I found the courage to do some beekeeping without my suit, and was promptly stung multiple times. bee sting poultice of dried comfrey root plastered in place with clay will hopefully keep my face from ballooning up like Quasimodo. First time in my life getting a bee sting! First time I was stung by anything was the time we were hiking the Juan de Fuca trail and I stepped in a wasps nest and got fucking ROCKED, ending up with at least a dozen wasp stings all at once. That happened *two times* to Pat on the same trip!

Home Cappuccinos

I always thought cappuccinos were a cafe-only treat. No more! Today is the day I learned how to make them at home.

What you’ll need:

  • stovetop espresso maker (such as a Bialetti Moka)
  • french press (such a Bodum)
  • small pot
  • thermometer

Make espresso as normal. Heat the milk in a small pot to 140°, then pour the milk into the bodum. Plunge it vigorously 25-30 times, and voila!! Pour espresso into a cup, and pour the foamed milk over the espresso.