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The “they” I imagine whenever I reference a “they” are usually the global financial and industrial elite. The (proven, actually real, completely true) capitalist oligarch families who have ruled in favour of profits over life for centuries. For example, western arms of colonial monarchies, the unfathomably rich families and all of the industrial ties in between that use a flawed judicial process to their benefit driven by a fiat currency that does nothing but create debt wealth for the already rich. It makes sense to be pissed off about this. There is no question to me. Sorry you’re so annoyed…but…. there’s a lot of unnecessary suffering and avoidable resulting circumstance. I realize the meme you posted says little about the problems I’ve brought up here, but it’s all connected.

December 7th 2016 SSVH

Vince Guaraldi Trio – Little Birdie
Lake Street Dive – Better Than
Redondo Beach – She Loves Her
Redondo Beach – We Would Make Her Like Winter
Monster Rally – The Big Surf
Monster Rally – Baja Samba
Foreign/National – The Hedonist
Corduroi – Bangarangarang
Antibalas – Dirty Money
Hearts of Darkness – Numeration
BULLHORN – Roll off the Top
Tommy III – Susan
A Tribe Called Quest – Enough!!

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Grateful abundance

In this part of the world, we move through various seasons of change, and every year at this time, we’re showered in food. Literally.  I narrowly escaped an onslaught of pears falling all around me from the arching heavens.

For example, this picture was taken yesterday:


A huge bag of apples filling the sink, tri-coloured potatoes, onions, shallots, tomatoes, green beans, blackberries, and figs.

All of this food was incidentally gathered or harvested for free.  Not pictured are the other dozens of figs, bags of pears, and bunches of seedless concord grapes which I literally followed my nose to collecting from a vine that stretched over a public sidewalk . We did not need to buy groceries at all this week.

I dwell on thoughts of “why me? And why not them?” referring to my planetary brothers and sisters who are starving. Near, far, wherever. It’s completely unnecessary.  It always makes me think about Buckminster Fuller and his famously rational point  that the technology exists now where everyone can just have everything they ever need or want. We just need to take the power back to do it.

I think about this as I drink my carrot/apple/ginger juice, and spread goat cheese on a fresh fig.  Pairing boozy over ripe blackberries with hunks of smelly parmesan. Popping tiny concord grapes into my mouth rivaling the flavour of every grape freezie I’ve ever had. Everyone should have this. It’s a crime that my privilege has taken me to this place of literally having too much food to eat. Circumstance, or incarnation, or privilege or whatever the cause.   Yesterday, hauling 4 dozen figs away from my friends backyard, I felt rich.  Like I had a loaded bank account, and nothing could stop me. I feel the same way whenever I collect kale seeds.

I receive these blessings and emit in return a positive radiation sent to those who aren’t afforded such wealth.  I hope they feel it.

I started this post initially to brag about all the delicious stuff I get to consume and share and prepare for my family. In a way I have done that still, but I cannot quiet my heart when it hollers out “RICH WHITE GIRL. Don’t even think of adding to the interwebz barrage of unvalidated bragging without acknowledging from whence it came.”

Now that I’ve got it off my chest, I suppose…

This week: growlers of apple juice, berries (on, in, with) everything, tomatoes in the freezer, and bags of basil for pesto-making.  Oh, and grapes. Grapes grapes grapes grapes. The kind of grapes that flavouring tries to taste like, but to no comparable avail.