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Sweet and Sour End of Summer Episodes


Dear Sweet and Sour Listeners who I apparently have:

I hereby promise to post every damn episode on the DAY OF.

(There. That should do it.)

To make up for my tardiness, here are the MP3’s of the last 4 weeks of SSVH. Share it with your buds, bud. If they like music that doesn’t suck, they’ll thank you. Right click and “Save As’ to own a shiny new MP3 of your very own

September 19th, 2012 Interview with Davin Morin, we hear Annie Becker, Kytami, and a couple sessions at Sully’s Rhythm on the Rock after party (I may or may not be on the tambourine) with Animal Nation!


Unreleased Animal Nation

Tune in tomorrow morning to the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour to hear the one-time wonder release of a jam session recorded “that night at Sully’s”

I got a great interview with Animal Nation that night, and it was aptly titled “Let’s Get Weird”.  I sure hope I can find that audio file…

Oh, what the hell. I’ll just let you hear it now!

Let’s Get Weird

Tune in for the exciting concluuuuuuuuuuusion!

BONUS: Beer Battered Buttered Fried Caramel Garlic Cheddar Chicken