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100% British Columbia Drink Selection at The *NEW* Globe

Here at the Globe, are many beverages. Beverages that began in a geographical place not far from where they will each be consumed, one by one, by the beautiful citizens of this world.

They’re local libations. Provincial potions. Thirst quenchers of the territory. Come join me for a regional refreshment on Friday at the new Globe Hotel! Gaze upon the myriad of choices below

Wine Selection:
Nk’Mip Cellars, Okanagen Valley BC (entirely owned and operated by indigenous peoples!)

  • Nk’Mip Pinot Noir

Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Okanagan Valley BC (Fully certified 100% organic!)

  • Alive Organic Wine

Beer Selection:
Bowen Island Brewing, Bowen Island BC (No preservatives or pasturizing!)

  • Hemp Blonde Ale
  • Irish Cream Ale
  • Honey Brown Lager
  • Artisan IPA

Vancouver Island Brewery, Victoria BC (The island’s first craft brewery!)

  • Hermann’s Dark Lager
  • Spyhopper Honey Brown
  • Piper’s Pale Ale
  • Sea Dog Amber Ale

Phillips Brewing Company, Victoria BC (Click here for a sweet poem!)

  • Analogue 78 Kolsch
  • Longboat Chocolate Porter
  • Blue Buck
  • Slipstream Cream Ale

Okanagan Spring Brewery, Vernon BC (Unpasturized, no preservatives!)

  • Winter Ale (seasonal craft)
  • Pale Ale
  • 1516 Bavarian Lager
  • Brewmaster’s Black Lager

Lighthouse Brewing Company, Victoria BC (recycles all byproducts for the benefit of local organic farmers!)

  • Beacon IPA
  • Keepers Stout
  • Race Rocks Ale
  • Fisgard
  • 150 Bavarian Lager


Double Dose of Radio Show

I slacked last week and didn’t podcast….UNTIL NOW! whoooooooooaaaaaaa. Here are the three segments from the very first Sweet and Sour Variety Hour of 2013. Enjoy.

Half an hour of awesome female tunes. Wanda Jackson, Neko Case, PJ Harvey. You’ll love it. (29 mins)

Here is the MP3

Film Buff Radio presents: Walk the Line (16 mins)

Here is the MP3

Jerry in Da Haus, ending off with a couple tracks from An1tek

Here is the MP3

And here are the three segments from today’s airing of the SSVH.

It all starts with Film Buff Radio’s presentation of Lawless (17 mins)

Here is the MP3

25 minutes of pure musical delight. Some Jack White on the solo, capped off with 3 brilliant songs by Caribou. I love their sound. Hope you do too! (25 mins)

Here is the MP3

Jerry in Da Haus gives a campus and community update, and I cap it off with a track from Yukon Blonde. Voila! (9 mins)

Here is the MP3