Ode to the Amen Break

On the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour this week, we have a set of songs that I have hand-picked from my heaviest rotations in the past year, followed by
the fascinating tale of The Most Sampled Loop in Music History by Great Big Story. After that, we hear another set of songs that each sound pretty different, but are all examples of what can come of the “most sampled loop in music history”, the Amen Break.

Here is the file fer downloadin’ which airs live to a million people in the Coast Salish area via terrestrial radio station CHLY-FM 101.7 on Wednesday October 14th 2020 at 8am PST

Here is a list of the music that played

  • The Avalanches – If I Was a Folkstar
  • Jack Stauber – Buttercup
  • Luke Temple – Hard Working Hand
  • Lady Wray – Guilty
  • Great Big Story : The Most Sampled Loop
  • The Winstons – Amen Brother
  • Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
  • Pomplemoose – Lovely Day/Good As Hell Mashup
  • The Prodigy – Breathe
  • Barrington Levy – Here I Come Drum N’Bass

This episode is dedicated to Gregory C. Coleman, a man who got pretty much no compensation for the moment he rocked out on his drum kit and changed the future of music forever.

All Canada plus new OKVanOK

Here is the file which will air live to about 5000 square kilometers of Earth, on which about a million humans reside, via the terrestrial radio station CHLY 101.7fm

Hang and Twang

This week on the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, an hour of music for your listening plesh’. Special dedication for Geoff. Happy 40’th!

The file.

The tracks

  • The Reverand Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Pot Roast and Kisses
  • Pokey LaFarge – Going to the Country
  • T. Rex – Jeepster
  • Roger Miller – I’ve Been a Long Time Leavin’
  • Billy Fury – A Wondrous Place
  • Ween – Sweetheart
  • Brian Eno – Burning Airlines Give You So Much
  • The King Kahn & BBQ Show – Waddlin Around
  • Lou Reed – Street Hassle
  • Duane Eddy – Stalkin’
  • David Bowie – The Width of a Circle
  • The Velvet Underground – Rock and Roll
  • The King Kahn &BBQ Show – I’ll Be Lovin You
  • The Gories – Thunderbird ESQ
  • T. Rex – Mambo Sun

It’s My Birthday Show!

For the first time in Sweet and Sour history, my birthday falls on a Wednesday! I’m 34, and as a gift to myself (and you), I have put together this little playlist. Enjoieeee

Here is the file

The tracks:

  • Anika – I Go To Sleep
  • Kamasi Washington – Cherokee
  • Kamasi Washington – Desire
  • ALA.NI – Cherry Blossom (Moors Remix)
  • French 79, Sarah Rebecca – Diamond Veins
  • Vulfpeck, Antwaun Stanley – 3 on E
  • Jaqueline Taieb – La Plus Belle Chanson
  • Heinz Kiessling – Butterfly By
  • The Flaming Lips – Will You Return/When You Come Down
  • Vulfpeck, Joey Dosik – LAX
  • The Reverenc Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Shake Your Monkey Maker
  • Infinite Bisous – Racist Uncle
  • Spoon – Rainy Taxi
  • Kevin Morby – Campfire
  • Yo La Tengo – Wasn’t Born to Follow
  • MF Doom, Flofilz – Coco Mango

Few Words, Many Colours

On this week’s episode of the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, 100% instrumental tracks weaving through 4 or 5 different genres. A genuine mixtape of very few words. Broadcasting to about 1 million human souls in the Coast Salish area from the power transmitter of the mighty terrestrial station known as CHLY-FM 101.7 on the morning of September 9th 2020, 8am PST.

Please donate some money because, let’s face it, a true-blue media with no profits involved is a dying breed in this crazy world. We’re just passionate people working for little or no pay to bring you the fat goods. I’ve been donating money once a month for eight years, and donating my time every week for longer than that. It’s easy to set up monthly giving, and it’s easy to tell your friends about the station. This is the program schedule, there’s something for everyone.

This is the file.

This is the tracklist.

  • Flughand – Peninsula
  • Flughand – Atrebor
  • Pete Rock , C.L. Smooth – Back On Da Block – Instro
  • Pete Rock, Freddie Foxxx – Mind Frame – Instro
  • Saib – Sakura Trees
  • John Talbot – Sunshine
  • Luiz Bonfa – Pernambuco
  • Galt MacDermot – New Pulse I
  • Podington Bear – Lip Gloss
  • Vulfpeck – Test Drive Instro
  • The Meters- Cissy Strut
  • Javelin – Cowpoke
  • Bonobo – Cirrus
  • John Tejada – Farther and Fainter
  • Crystal Castles – Magic Spells