The story of Bradley Manning & Wikileaks

So you know the war, right? Well, the United States did/is doing some major major major damage over there while no one benefits whatsoever. Well, no one outside of the really wealthy class.  I’m talking like (on average?) worse than a 9/11 every day or something. Here’s an old post explaining how I feel about it all:

How I see things….

The official story: Ten years ago, some brown guy hated America so bad, that he orchestrated the hijacking of two planes, flew them into a highly populated city in America and killed 3000 human beings. America declares war, solicits the poorest of their citizens to join the army, goes over, makes everything nice and democratic (?), and then declares victory. The US army gets to come home more than ten years later, and they all live happily ever after.

The true story: Ten years ago, someone flew two planes into a highly populated city in America that killed 3000 human beings. Much factual evidence points to the American government having done it themselves, or helped it along in some way. One declaration of war and less than a month later, thousands of American contractors begin the ~long anticipated~ construction of ~permanent~ oil extraction compounds in the middle east. American soldiers kill an average of 3000 people PER DAY, the equivalent to one 9/11 every time the sun goes down. More than ten years later….they declare “victory”, and the US army gets to come home, only now they are poorer than when they left.

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