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Sanders Panders?

facebook controversies over this pic:

Here’s my one-sided account:

I’m really glad Bernie Sanders was talking “down” about Monsanto. They are a company that uses their media ties and copious revenue to continue veiling horrible, obsolete, practices. I find it very likely that threat occurred. It’s happened before, why couldn’t it happen again? Seems legit that in this sensitive election period, he wouldn’t want to pick a fight by talking about it.

It’s logical to think genetically modified (in the general sense) is SAFE forcrissake, we all eat apples and modern versions of food humans have messed with. The people of America (not only Virginia) want to know in the grocery store: has Round Up has been sprayed on this? Did it come from a petroleum-soaked mono-crop? Is a continent going to lose its bee population because of my purchase right now?

I recently saw a good quote from a farmer that was something like “Let me call my product “food” and they can call theirs “chemical food”

If Bernie Sanders is trying to appease people’s desire to address the SUPER-FUCKED-UP MONSANTO MONO-CROP RACKET….then isn’t he only doing exactly what an elected representative is supposed to do? It’s not the just the organic “industry” of his home state…  it’s many people over many states because it involves the entire scope of how people eat (kind of a big deal). Of course it’s infinitely complicated and the information is constantly at odds because the players are family farmers against media-owning companies (no conspiracies! Legit business).

I’ve never heard “anti-science” used outside of a religious base.  To elude that [geoengineering], [petro-poison], and [people who don’t believe in preventative pharmaceutical use] are connected in having an agenda against science…. is nonsensical to me.

Stephen Harper is supposed to have been impeached as the Prime Minister of Canada

He cheated BIG TIME in both elections.

Understanding that it is 100% in the collective best interest to:

1. Actually have scientific data available for future use.

2. Have strong social programs that support veterans, students, patients, seniors, those born with illness etc.

3. Protect citizen rights and freedom.

4. Not support industry that uses slave labor in place of local jobs.

5. Support a national effort to ween society OFF Of those products.

6. Strengthen environmental protection (which we need more than anything. Because according to thousands of peer-reviewed science and fact-based evidence, climate change is fucking up the weather FOR EVERYONE)

Enough pain and suffering.

Understand that it’s no mystery anymore how to achieve the global arrival at happiness and peace for all living things on our planet. We need to stop what we’ve been doing, and change it. Otherwise, human life on Earth will cease. We must actually give a shit about our future generations. The technology is there already. All of it.

Q: Where will we ever get the money to do all that, Ashta?  A: By halting the subsidies that are given to harmful practises, which is in the billions of billions of billions of dollars. Oh, and not “misplace” billions like the conservatives have done. They’ve lied, cheated, stolen, and hurt enough.

Someone I know said, “If not Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, than who?” My answer would be: anyone who’s willing to unabashedly make all that stuff a reality.  Likely that’s the Green Party.

Black Friday

Low-cost, cheap, poorly-made junk is made from fossil fuel products…by slaves. Especially Chinese products.

Workers aren’t paid fair wages, and their quality of life is dismal. If these global free-trade agreements were not allowed in the first place, more local jobs would be available closer to home. Never forget that free-trade = slave labour.

Wal-Mart’s profit last year was 120 BILLION dollars. That money did not go towards improving any situation for the suffering it cost. It went into the pockets of families who are already so disgustingly wealthy, keeping them in the lives they’re accustomed to (unfathomably celebrated in mainstream culture).

Please keep these things in mind when you’re making choices on what to spend your money on this gift-giving season. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the practices, products, and reality of how that thing came into existence.

Voting for the destructive, harmful, and unhealthy situations for our sisters and brothers on the other side of our home (Earth) means we’re helping to perpetuate bad energy that always come back to us eventually.

Please don’t vote for slavery, plastics, and green house emissions. Try as hard and dilligently as you can to find locally-made products and avoid purchasing anything that is ultimately not needed.
Is it for looks? Conversation? Novelty? Convenience? Is it “such a great deal” that you simply can’t resist? You/they probably don’t need it. DON’T BUY IT!

Not enough people know about what a “good deal” really means. It may be a “good deal” for the amount of dollars you’re voting with, but be assured it’s a disgusting and horrible deal for every link in between. And it is coming back to bite us all in the ass eventually.

Mainstream media lies

The mainstream media lies.
Doubt not this fact any longer, for it is killing us all.

Guilty is this industry sometimes of specific false information, but mostly this lie is one of omission.

Omitting important information like [food systems, poverty issues, criminal corporate acts, etc.] and choosing stories like [celebrity gossip, violence worth fearing, patriotism etc] is neglect of the responsibility it has had for educating the public mind. Lies through omission.news

Mainstream media is (supposedly) tasked with informing a (supposed) democratic voting public. It is not by accident that irrelevance prevails. Indeed, the function of these stories is to shape the way you think about things. It is no secret this industry is owned and controlled by very few. A very rich few. Every time a journalist’s story is denied by an editor, DOUBT NOT that decision was made to benefit the financial stake-holders.

Had we been given a fair representation of news stories from the beginning, would we have to face the  catastrophic world so many of us endure? If the public were properly informed by the institutions we trust to inform us, what kind of poverty could have been saved? Fortunately now, we have access to all of the stories all the time. We don’t need the television programming any more. Indeed, we can program our own brains.  So kill your television, and disregard that “newspaper”!

Ignorance is a choice in the age of the internet

BC Pipelines explained

In a nutshell, this is what I understand.

  • Stupid humans have built an existence dependent on the finite resource of fossil fuels.
  • Even though existing technologies were developed along the way, they have been effectively oppressed through sabotage, collusion, conspiracy, and even murder.
  • The world’s almost completely run out of fossil fuels. Now we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel to get the last of it – literally.
  • The colonial “first world” state of Canada has the biggest supply of what’s left. It’s in Alberta, Canada’s Texas.
  • Alberta oil sands have to be washed before it can be used.
  • Idiotically, sending it to China in rickety tin cans is the only way to accomplish this at a profit.
  • It’s sent through a massive piping system across Alberta and out to BC’s coast where the tin cans get loaded.
  • We idiotically buy it back from China at full price as a finished product.
  • This process has proven to do major harm to the environment and communities.
  • Examples of extraction harm: Dries up watersheds. Poisons watersheds. Causes entire communities to deal with new cancers. Destroys ancient wildlife ecosystems. Etc.
  • In every instance, oil spills into the environment. Every time.
  • Given the size, limited turning radius, dodgy navigation area and construction quality of the tankers, a spill will certainly happen.
  • Television “programming” has out-rightly lied to those who still allow themselves to be subjected to it. The commercial showed terrain depicted in the left photo, while reality is depicted in the right photo:
  • Examples of spillage harm: loss of healthy ocean life, destruction of ecosystems, loss of pacific fisheries, loss of BC tourism.
  • The tax-paying residents of BC will have to foot the bill to clean the spills and repair the damage done.
  • It’s become obvious to many that fossil fuel use can be obsolete if only the greedy fuckers who stand to make BIG BUCKS would allow it’s obsolescence.
  • We need the rest of Earth’s fossil fuel supplies to create the renewable resource conversion technology to power generations to come.

Instead, all this damage is for huge profits for few, and continuing idiotic mass consumerism and pseudo-convenience.

That’s why this is such a big deal?

To benefit few rich families, global society is denied technology and systems that would replace refined fossil fuels entirely. Some argue that in order to manufacture all of this replacement technology to power the coming generations, we would need every drop of fossil fuel – of which we are now literally scraping the bottom of the barrel for. Instead of allowing such mainstream realization, the status quo remains hypnotized by television, being told everything is fine. Continue consumption. Drive to the dollar store. Buy those things you think you must own, but don’t really need at all.  “Everything is okay.” B.C. people are choked because a bitumen spill will probably one day ruin our pristine corner of Earth.

But isn’t this just another problem to add to the list?

The list that boils down *every time* to the very same root cause of every single discernible problem on Spaceship Earth?

The debt-based monetary global financial system.

This is what must be DONE AWAY with.


The replacement is already underway. Bitcoin is the future of our surviving planet.

In the meantime, we must remember to be kind, to vote with our dollars (and milliBits), to turn off the programming, to choose the least-consumption option (like local food) and to never be afraid to zoom out enough to recognize what all of our problems come from: the debt-based global currency paradigm operated by a few greedy assholes by their private greedy banking cartels. We must not fear each other. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Just do and say what is in your heart, without fear of judgement by those around you. At the same time, don’t judge others. We must remember to be kind.

Once the debt-based monetary global financial system is changed, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. We are the 99%!

Oh, and if anyone thinks Justin Trudeau will do shit about what I’m talking about, this is what he told me when I asked him: