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Mark MacDonald talks about NDN, then invites us to McDonalds

In the first paragraph of this piece run in Nanaimo Daily News on Thursday, Mark MacDonald says that when he took the job, he had in mind to make positive contribution to….the newspaper. Not Nanaimo or the society at large….the newspaper. The next paragraph goes on to describe how he’s been in the business for a long time. It is, of course a big business for-profit endeavor.

A daily newspaper, although a private entity, is really a public trust, and our management team is committed to making a positive difference.

Too bad the commitment isn’t to make sure the public is informed of relevant issues without bias. Making a positive difference….for the papers business? For it’s advertisers? 80% of the paper is promotional material.

He closes this warm Excuse-Piece with an invitation to McDonald’s for coffee….they’ve gone beyond the clowns and are really pushing the McCafe these days. What a coincidence! Couldn’t he have invited the people of Nanaimo to a local coffee shop like Vancouver Island’s Serious Coffee? Yes he could have, but that wouldn’t be as blatantly indicative of where this guy and his newspaper stand.

“Adrian Dix made our plans fall apart! What a jerk” -The News

He was like “Umm, if we’re gonna debate, shouldn’t everyone be involved? What about the Cons and the Greens?” and instead of writing an article with the headline “Dix Has a Good Point” they run some crap about how inconvenient this’ere ninny-pants is being. With the election in a month, shouldn’t everyone be going head-to-head on relevant issues? Who is denying participation here? Elizabeth May would certainly revel in the opportunity- she has science, logic, and common sense in her corner.  So that leaves the Conservative Party of Screw This Planet.  Is a widdle Con feeling a widdle scaaaowd?

Ine’ not scaaowrd

In other news today, my boyfriend saved a tree.


FIPA in a nutshell: Harper signs a very quiet, very quick deal with China. No one is advised. The deal? China gets anything they want from Canada. The catch? They’re allowed to sue anyone or anything that gets in the way of maximum profit.

Debate? Nope. Not allowed.

Will the environment be considered at all? Nope. That went out the window with omnibus bill C-10.

Here’s a quick video that makes all the points you should know:


Also, it’s been proven that Stevey totally cheated and lied and is also just….committing crimes all the time.

Why isn’t he impeached right now?

Because no one knows about it. The government essentially owns and controls the mainstream media, so if folks DO know anything about it, they just don’t give a fuck. The illusion is that they shouldn’t have to.

If you do give a fuck (and enjoy a little legal mumbo jumbo) here is the agreement: http://www.international.gc.ca/trade-agreements-accords-commerciaux/agr-acc/fipa-apie/china-text-chine.aspx?lang=en&view=d

If you want to do something about it, then get your lazy ass over to another window and write an email to your representative demanding they give a fuck about it too.