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Curation Nation

Every week I screen albums and artists that seem like a good fit for The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour. Whenever I hear a song that catches me, I do whatever it takes to find out who it is, and mark it to be included in this week’s radio offering. Often a theme or a certain sound ends up dominating the hour. Once I have enough music, I fuss over which order they will play, and how I will shape the mood of the listener. Over the past ten years, I must have spent a thousand hours doing this. Even though my days are absolutely full to the brim managing children, a bustling farming/manufacturing business, and a household, I still spend the time to create The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour for no money.

This week I’ve included a snippet of some criticism levied against the corporate music machine (at 27 minutes), which illustrates some of the reasoning behind why this show is a part of my life and why I do it every week.

So, remember back when we were in elementary school and we made intentional mixtapes for our friends and crushes. Remember how much heart and mood was being translated through the music and remember that this is why so many of the volunteers at CHLY do what they do every week.

If you don’t give monthly to the radio station, but you are receiving the value nonetheless, please consider setting up a monthly donation here.

This is the file for this weeks show that you can download freely, and which shows up on the RSS feed that informs the podcast providers. It’s yours. Take it.

Here is a list of the music

  • Desmond Cheese, Boo Ha Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • Guts / Lorine Chia, Peaceful Life
  • Guts, Good Morning
  • Guts, Didn’t I? (Guts Re-edit)
  • Darondo / Dave Allison, Didn’t I? (Dave Allison Re-edit)
  • Mk.gee, You
  • Esbe, Darling
  • Tik Tok user @Vattica, Music Industry Secrets: Playlists
  • Tik Tok user @ItsPusher, Branding
  • Heatbox, B Satisfied
  • Lucky Daye, Late Night
  • Toro y Moi, Ordinary Pleasure
  • The Kooks, Junk of the Heart (Happy)
  • Dansu, Don’t You Give Up
  • Against All Logic, Now U Got Me Hooked
  • Tik Tok user @nerdyaboutneature, Wildfire season
  • Rage Against the Machine, Renegades of Funk


Keep Going On Show

The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour is a curated music show that airs live on CHLY 101.7fm every Wednesday morning at 8.

Here is this weeks program

These are the songs that played:

  • Peter Cat Recording Co, Soulless Friends
  • Peter Cat Recording Co, Heera
  • Bibio, Saint Thomas
  • FrankMasonMusic,Guvnor
  • FrankMasonMusic, Rollercoaster
  • FrankMasonMusic, Flaunt Spit
  • Frank Ocean, Lost
  • Earl Sweatshirt, Riot
  • Fleece, Upside Down
  • Fleece, on My Mind
  • Fleece, So Long
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise, It’s called Freefall
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise, When it Lands
  • Los Lobos, Kiko and the Lavender Moon
  • Tennis, In the Morning I’ll Be Better
  • The Bengsons, The Keep Going Song
  • Royksopp, Happy Up Here

Juicy Berries

This week on The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, an hour of tasty musical morsels to gorge on. But don’t get your podcast app all sticky!

Here is the file

  • Benny Sings / Mac DeMarco, Rolled Up
  • Daft Punk, Something About Us
  • Mk.gee, You
  • Teebs, While You Doooo
  • Whitney, Red Moon
  • The Alchemist, Arrival
  • Doomstarks / MF DOOM / Ghostface Killah, Victory Laps – Instro
  • CZARFACE/ MF DOOM, Bomb Thrown – Instro
  • People Under the Stairs, The Love
  • Chali 2na, Comin’Thru
  • MF DOOM, Coffin Nails
  • Eric B. & Rakim, Keep the Beat
  • Abstract Orchestra, Accordion
  • Madlib, Stepping Into Tomorrow
  • Aesop Rock, Long Legged Larry
  • Noga Erez, End of the Road

May Beats

This week of the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, non stop music.

Here is the file

  • Tribe Called Quest J Cole Remix, Can I Kick It?
  • D’Angelo, Sugah Daddy
  • Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, T.R.O.Y.
  • Fugees Salaam Remix, Nappy Heads,
  • Guru and Baybe, Lifesaver
  • A Tribe Called Quest/Tim Latham/Tony Smalios, Oh My God Remix
  • A Tribe Called Quest/ Dan the Automator ,Lyrics to Go
  • Rakim, Once Upon a Rhyme (Nickleplate Remix)
  • Brand Nubian, All For One
  • Dirty Art Car, Sugar
  • Ratatat, Wildcat
  • El Michels Affair, Can It All Be So Simple
  • Lee Fields & The Expressions, Precious Love

Spring Funding Drive 2021

  • The Bad Lovers – Good Man/Love Shine
  • The Bad Lovers – Freaks
  • The Bad Lovers – Actin’ Strange
  • Sheer Mag – Fan the Flames
  • Sheer Mag – Button Up
  • Sheer Mag – Point Breeze
  • Betrayers – Love Rat
  • Vulfpeck – Outro
  • Mieke Maimi – In The Old Forest
  • John Wizards – Musizenberg
  • Radiation City – Juicy
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Shakedown Stre
  • Vulfpeck – Back Pocket
  • Future Islands – Time on Her Side
  • Banzai Florist – Penguins
  • Babe Rainbow – Peace Blossom Boogy
  • Khruangbin – Evan Finds the Third Room
  • The Arsenic Lovers – Coma Town

Here is the file

If you didn’t know it, CHLY is listener-funded and the hosts are volunteers. Listener-funded means that since we aren’t taking major media conglomerate money, we aren’t beholden to supporting a consumer-capitalist narrative like all the other radio stations in this area are.

Every now and then, we ask you to pitch in some dollars so we can keep bringing you the independent content a well-informed public deserves.

We’ve made it easy to set up online, it only takes a few minutes.

We cannot live in a world informed by the corporate media only. We need independant, critical-thinking views and reporting through a financially-healthy community-based media like CHLY.

Please consider setting up a small monthly gift at chly.ca/donate

As a reward for your generous spirit, here is a photo of me relishing in the possibility of doing my show for another 9 years on CHLY 101.7FM