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Sister Mary Ashta Covers the RIOT Act

Every Thursday at 5pm, the Reverend Terence rips up the CHLY airwaves with his presentation of rare, interesting, and obscure tracks. He calls it The RIOT Act!  On January 26th I was fortunate enough to guest host the show.

For two hours, I branded myself Sister Mary Ashta and “covered” the show. The theme? Unlikely covers. Grouped into genres, I had a blast doing this show! Check out all past episodes of The RIOT Act here.

To check out the Unlikely Covers episode, hosted by Sister Mary Ashta, click here. Right click to save!


How to feel better all the time, no matter what

North Americans are chronically dehydrated! We tend to favour diuretic drinks like coffee, hooch, and pop- which leads to a dried out human being.  Diuretic means it makes you pee more than usual, so all that pee is actually water your body needs. Being dried out causes us to feel like crap all the time! Headaches, irritability, tummy aches, fatigue, poor digestion, depression, constipation, dry skin, and cracked lips are just the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading How to feel better all the time, no matter what