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Fall Fund Drive 2017

Oct 18: Good music punctuates my opinions about radio and how you can stick it to the man by personally financing the antidote to commercial media. Petey Pete joins me in the studio too. Warning: 60% just talking.

Nov 8: I’m just getting around to posting this live-in-studio show from a few weeks ago.

Here it is, originally broadcast on Oct 18th, 2017


Wizard of Meh – Pogo
Olafor Arnalds – Doria
Boyce Avenue – Give a Little Bit
Adam Green – Castles and Tassels
Soft Jazz Band – Jazz to the Breakfast
Maroon 5, Julia Michaels – Help Be out
Led Zeppelin – Thank You
Eagles of Death Metal – Stacks-o-money
John Tejeda – Farther And Fainter
The Stairwells – I Need a Dollar /Two Weeks
Simply Red- Money’s Too Tight
John Mellancamp – Thank You

For shameless click bait reasons, let’s all re-appreciate Keegan’s artwork and depiction of Nanaimo.


Special Variety: PFR & TV Buff Radio

Last week all the programmers down at CHLY tried their darndest to raise $20,000. Unfortunately, we’ve still got $5000 to go before meeting the minimum it will take to ensure community access radio continues to grow in Nanaimo. Every Thursday at noon, I co-host a show with Kevin M. called People First Radio (you can find the MP3’s if you click on the radio tab along the top of this page)

Here is a conversation between Kevin and I about media consolidation. Otherwise known as “The Reason CHLY Needs That Money”

Here is the MP3

Fast forward a week, and you’ll get to todays episode of the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour. This first part is a short piece of music followed by some events coming up presented by Jerry (12 mins)

Here is the MP3

TV Buff Radio!

Here is the MP3