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Film Buffing

Every Monday I get to sit on my ass and watch movies all day. Lucky duck, huh?

Lately I’ve been putting in all my favourite movies and listening to the commentary by those who made the films. My favourite today has been watching Best in Show with Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy. It’s just like watching it with them! Hilarious.  Anyway, biggest disappointment is finding out there isn’t any commentary on To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Here’s the opening scene featuring the dynamic stylings of madames Salt n Pepa. Enjoy.


February 13th

Hi reader! Here are my blog bullets for this monday spent at Film Buff:

  • Had a great weekend on Salpspring Island, as usual. Interviewed Elizabeth May!!
  • The West Side Story movie  is very racist and mildly sexist.
  • Reader supported newspaper columns are totally amusing. Check out the Valentines in Seattles (only) newspaper The Stranger.
  • Lucky is the first person to spy the biggest muffin out of the oven.
  • Another huge reason I love The Stranger: Savage Love by Dan Savage. I used to really love reading these every time I stepped on the train. I just read every column published in the last year. Another one I really found interesting as hell was Sasha‘s column Love Bites.
  • The US Vs. John Lennon is a great documentary! Watch the trailer here