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Sweet and Sour Variety Hour Feb 25th 2015


Wed February 25th 2015
1:25  Song: The Kramford Look – Ile Magique
5:20 Weather
6:31 Song: Romere – Work Song
11:30 Song: Romere – Motherless Child
17:00 Event Invites: Net Neutrality Info Sesh at the Vault next Tuesday & Big Come Down at The Globe next Friday
20:22 Song: Insightful – The Energy She Sheds
25:44 Song: Monophonics – My Heart Cries
29:00 Song: Dumbo Gets Mad – Indian Food
32:35 Song: Dumbo Gets Mad – Crystal Balls on Roll
37:00 Song: Stoop Kids – Look Around
41:19 Song: Stoop Kids – Tucked In
44:04 Song: Stoop Kids – Padiddle
47:55 Closing remarks

December 31st 2014 Sweet and Sour Variety Hour

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Wed Dec 31st 2014

New Years Eve All request and dedication hour!
1. Dedication for Dylan Perry, Song: DJ Cam – Other Aspects
2. Dedication for Fox Buckminster, Song: The Fox – Burl Ives
3. Dedication for Grampa Bernie, Songs: Movin- Gord Lightfoot
4. Dedication for Patrick, Song: My Heartstrings – Burl Ives
5. Dedication for Sandra, Song: Walter`s Call – Swindle
6. Dedication for Nyah, Song: Summer Fruits – Swindle
7. Dedication for THE WORLD! Song: The times they are a changing – Bob Dylan
8. Dedication for Lindsay, Song: Deep Red Bells – Neko Case
9. Dedication for Julie, Song: 40 Day Dream – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
10. Dedication for all my friends I can`t spend NYE with, Song: Elephant – Mermen
11. Dedication to Laura in Toronto, Song: D.A.N.C.E. – Justice
12. Dedication to CHLY, from Ashta. Song: Didn`t Cha Know – Erykah Badu

Wed Dec 3rd Sweet and Sour Variety Hour

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Wed Dec 3rd 2014

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1. Weather
2. Song:  Al Green- Love and Happiness
3. Song: Al Green- Simply Beautiful
4. Song: Al Green- Sha La La La
5. Song: Oughta Be With Me
6. Song: Myles Sanko – Forever Dreaming
7. Song:  Ekoclick- Alright to Me
8. Song:  Ouska- Miam Miam Miam
9. COP 20 coverage introduction
10. The Real News Network – A real treaty would phase out fossil fuels
11. COP 20 coverage outro
12. Song: DJ Shadow- Six Days

Radio show podcasts and archive

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Wed Nov 26th 2014

song: Edward Francis- Saxaphone
song: Halsall- When the world was one
The Trews: Ferguson, What value do our laws have?
Burnaby Mountain: A message from Tamo Campo
Burnaby Mountain: A message from David Suzuki
song: Camille- Le Festin
Your Sense Too, the live call-in show that asks for your two sense

Wed Nov 19th 2014

song: Remix of Caribou- Sun
song: Caribou- Bowls
song: Bonobo-Cirrus
song: Scalpel- Sea
song: My Brightest Diamond- this is my hand (oops)
song: Blitz the Ambassador- Make you no forget
song: Kelis- Hooch
song: Dumbo Gets Mad- Eclectic Prawn
song: Cosmonostro- The Blaster
song: Watchin Out
song: Everything Has Changed

Wed Nov 5th 2014

song: Swindle- Walter’s Call
Interview about legal graffiti
song: Polar Bear- Be Free
song: Synesthette
The Trews: Can we ditch capitalism?
Your Sense Too, the live call-in show that asks for your two cents
song: Scalpel- Siesta
song: Scalpel- Sea
song: Scalpel- Transit

Making citizen journalism easy

Greetings, reader.

As you may know, I have a weekly radio show called The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, which is a show made up of segments produced by community members. The Radio Malaspina Society is a not-for-profit campus and community radio initiative. The SSVH is a radio opportunity for anyone who wants to share casually with CHLY’s listening audience a radio segment on a topic of their choice, without committing to an every-week spot, and without having to learn any technical skills.  It can be a one-time, or regular occurrence.  Indeed, this has been a chance for citizen journalism to exist in a medium currently dominated by commercial media.

Recently, I’ve become involved with another non-profit called Mid-Island Television Society. Within the scope of this initiative,  I am extending the opportunity for community members to share programming with a television audience on Shaw Cable’s tv channel. Channel 4 is widely watched by many people in the mid-island area.

If you,  someone you know, or an organization/business is interested in putting together either a radio show, or a television show, please pass along my e-mail.