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SSVH Wednesday May 6th

Sad news, followers. CHLY’s podcast provider has gone out of business. This means the thousands of CHLY podcasts will soon be unavailable.  Any links to past Sweet and Sour Variety Hour audio is probably already taken offline.

Oh well. Apparently management is working to replace this service to CHLY listeners and programmers.

Even though I’m not able to post whole episodes anymore, I’ll be sure to try my best to provide links to the music I’ve played, as well as any original content I’ve created.  Like this conversation with Steph Mills about the status of her garden:

Here are some links to music I played this morning:

SSVH Wed March 4th

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Wed March 4th, 2015

0:49 Song: Seattle Symphony Orchestra – Melasanto Suite opus
3:16 Song: national Philharmonic Orchestra – Dance of Hours
11:06 Event Update
13:15 Song: Dom Le Nena – Menino
17:04 Station break
19:12 Song: Au Ra – You’re on my Mind
22:49 Song: Bambooman – Chambers
25:06 About the Island Roots Co-op farmers market
26:03 Song: Mellow Music Group – Celebrity Reduction prayer
30:30 Song: Kelis – Hooch
34:27 The Real News: Ralph Nader comments on his letter to Steven Harper
43:08 Song: Skalpel – Sea
45:47 Event Update

Sweet and Sour Variety Hour Feb 25th 2015


Wed February 25th 2015
1:25  Song: The Kramford Look – Ile Magique
5:20 Weather
6:31 Song: Romere – Work Song
11:30 Song: Romere – Motherless Child
17:00 Event Invites: Net Neutrality Info Sesh at the Vault next Tuesday & Big Come Down at The Globe next Friday
20:22 Song: Insightful – The Energy She Sheds
25:44 Song: Monophonics – My Heart Cries
29:00 Song: Dumbo Gets Mad – Indian Food
32:35 Song: Dumbo Gets Mad – Crystal Balls on Roll
37:00 Song: Stoop Kids – Look Around
41:19 Song: Stoop Kids – Tucked In
44:04 Song: Stoop Kids – Padiddle
47:55 Closing remarks