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Afro Pop and Beats

This week on The Sweet and Sour, it’s a whole darn hour of non-stop music. That’s right! No interruptions with an obnoxious car sales ad, or with a promo from an over-excited fast food enthusiast. No waiting for 5 or 7 minutes before the radio station gets back to what you tuned in for: the music. At CHLY, the ads we do play happen at the top of the hour, and even then, they’re generally community information-based and not hardcore salesy.

OK, except for right now.

We’re in a funding drive at the moment, which means we’re inviting listeners to help fund our not-for-profit radio station. That means you can set up a monthly donation, and join all the others who value a healthy independent radio station. Stations like this one are an endangered species of media. There are 40 coastal communities who can tune in, but only because of those who have given their time and a few dollars over the years. You can choose your monthly gift, as little as $3.50 and set it up in no time at all over at

And to those constant supporters out there, thank you. There are many facets of people-power that make this station happen. Recurring donators, office volunteers, programmers, and more – all give willingly and meaningfully to CHLY. You are appreciated.

I myself have produced this radio show for ten years, which means that every week, I give the time it takes to screen music, assemble it in an order I think you’ll love, and package it up so it sounds good. Over the years, that’s about 1400 hours of unpaid labour! I do it because I love to share music, and I want to make sure whoever tunes in has a good time. Now multiply my effort by about 40 (which is roughly all the other weekly programmers), and there you have a small village worth of keen community members with you in mind. We do it for you. Could you do a little for us?

Please visit the website and set up a monthly gift for maximum impact.

Here’s the file

  • DARGZ/Moses Boyd, Lou’s Time
  • Ikebe Shakedown, Dram
  • Arc De Soleil, Mumbo Sugar
  • Peter King, African Dialects
  • Monster Rally, Sister Owls
  • Antibalas, Tattletale Pt 2
  • Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, Crockett Theme
  • Owiny Sigoma Band, Too Hot
  • Owiny Sigoma Band, Nabed Nade Ei Piny Ka
  • Ebo Taylor, Saana
  • Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, Bacao Suave
  • The Souljazz Orchestra, Kossa Kossa
  • The Haggis Horns, The Traveller Pt 2
  • Cleon, Boogaloo Pow
  • Shina Williams & His African Percussionist, Agboju Logun

Berries and Beats

Here thine file doth reside

  • Tribe Called Quest J Cole Remix, Can I Kick It?
  • D’Angelo, Sugah Daddy
  • Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, T.R.O.Y.
  • Fugees Salaam Remix, Nappy Heads,
  • Guru and Baybe, Lifesaver
  • A Tribe Called Quest/Tim Latham/Tony Smalios, Oh My God Remix
  • A Tribe Called Quest/ Dan the Automator ,Lyrics to Go
  • Rakim, Once Upon a Rhyme (Nickleplate Remix)
  • Brand Nubian, All For One
  • Dirty Art Car, Sugar
  • Ratatat, Wildcat
  • El Michels Affair, Can It All Be So Simple
  • Lee Fields & The Expressions, Precious Love

M.I.A to Eno

The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour is a radio program airing live to 40 coastal communities via CHLY 101.7FM from Nanaimo, BC. You can keep this independent media endeavor healthy and strong by setting up an automatic monthly contribution at

Here is the file

  • M.I.A., Sunshowers
  • Santigold, Disparate Youth
  • Santigold, High Priestess
  • Little Dragon, Ritual Union
  • Disclosure/Al Green, Feel Like I Do
  • Remi Wolf, Anthony Kiedis
  • The Derevolutions, Yell It Out
  • Hercules and Love Affair, Raise Me Up
  • Brazilian Girls, Good Time
  • Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, Dog was a Doughnut
  • Elvis Costello, Beyond Belief
  • Brian Eno, I’ll Come Running
  • Brian Eno & John Cale, Lay my Love
  • The Magnetic Fields, Strange Powers
  • Cocteau Twins, Cherry-coloured Funk
  • Grant Lee Buffalo, Mockingbirds
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain, Just like Honey

March End

This week on the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, airing live on CHLY 101.7fm to the vicinity where~1 million human beings live

Here’s the file

What played: