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  • Fried Dinosaurs

    Fried Dinosaurs

  • Uses for Young Maple Flower

    Uses for Young Maple Flower

    It is that time in the spring that tender green flowers are emerging from the buds of what I like to refer to as The Maple Syrup Tree. Added whole into a stew at the very end will barely cook the buds, which mean they keep a bright colour and retain a little crunch. This…

  • Soup season

    Soup season

    It’s #soupseason and I’ve been making at least one every week. #hottips for delicious #soup 1-chop everything small enough so there is room for variety on the spoon. 2-season with salt and roast as much of the ingredients as you can. The more golden colours the better. 3-When adjusting for flavour towards the end, notice …

  • Accidental Weeknight Thai “Risotto”

    Ingredients: 700ml/medium container of a Thai coconut-base pre-made soup 700 ml broth 1 can coconut milk 1.5 cups rice 200 ml water Salt & pepper to taste Instructions: Simmer all ingredients for at least 1 hour. Remove lid to thicken.

  • Overnight Buckwheat Bread

    Overnight Buckwheat Bread

    Mxndo’s mazing recipe that I am excited about trying tomorrow

  • Gomae Recipe

    Japanese gomae is a cold side dish of wilted spinach and a toasted sesame dressing. The first time I made it I followed exactly the recipe from and tried it out on Lynelle , Jessica, and Patrick. It was alright, and I learned a couple key things about serving this dish: it takes an…