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  • Reason, facts, scientific evidence…but only when it suits

    Amanda Orum’s brilliant Letter to the Editor. Now to see if it actually gets printed. “By shredding the remnants of political democracy, the financial institutions lay the basis for carrying the lethal process forward – as long as their victims are willing to suffer in silence”-Chomsky

  • Ashta Guts and Skins a Deer

    …I understood that the energy of his life didn’t dissolve or disappear or cease, instead it re-circulated into the place where I myself came from before my own incarnation. I understood that his life may even be recirculated again in some incarnation that would touch me in another way. Maybe he would come back as…

  • Ayahuasca Exorcism and Lessons in Gratitude

    Okay. So now I’m going to try and explain last night. Honest and sincere, here on “my blog”, for all eyes to see. I think this information is very important. If you know and trust my judgment of…stuff, than well, read on knowing that I ain’t shittin’ ya.