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When I open up my computer, there’s an order of habitual website checking. Maybe you’re the same? Gmail is number one. Facebook used to be number two, though now I think this here site is the replacement.

Whenever I have time to just sit around reading stuff online (usually at Film Buff), there’s a collection of great sites I often find entertaining or interesting enough to check back. The links I post will often come from the following sources…

vice.ca – VICE

chly.ca -my work, naturally.

chlyfm.com -the CHLY forums. More work.

usednanaimo.com -craigslist variation in Nanaimo

rabble.ca -Canadian politics, “News for the rest of us!”

couchsurfing.org -travel alternative for Earth wanderers

yesmagazine.org -I got a subscription to the paper magazine and haven’t renewed, though I’m totally addicted to these positive articles.

realitysandwich.com -webzine covering all things in this reality and other. Pinchbeck’s baby

democracynow.org -if I missed the broadcast at 9am, I can read about whats happening in the US and beyond

topdocumentaryfilms.com -so many documentaries!!!


Which ones do you check often? Leave a comment below!





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  1. Absolutely! Please do.

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