Nanaimo’s Farmers Market

There is a diversity of food products available every Wednesday at the Bowen Road Farmers’ Market 4 til 6:30pm behind Beban Pool on the VIEX grounds. 

Voting with each dollar we spend is electing for more sustainable food practices, and in this case, more flavourful meals. All of the vendors are local, so you can feel good about enacting positive social change within your community.

Here is a photo of the map I made a couple weeks ago

From the bottom left…

“Vegetables” Farmship Food Cooperative
Massive variety of fresh greens, herbs, and fruits. A popular producer for many restaurants in town like The Vault Cafe and Gabriel’s.

“Juice & Nutmilk” Goodlife Juice
Cold Pressed, 100% raw blends
“Vegetables” Darren’s Greens
Fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and sometimes preserves”Chili’s and chutney” Jacintha
Dried chilis, Sri Lankan lime chutney, sometimes vegetables, berries, and starter plants.

“Soda pop” Island Soda Works
Naturally fermented living botanical soda with flavours like Nootka Rose and Shisandra Berry. Insanely little natural sugars.

“Veggie chips and jerky” Sharon’s Veggie Jerky
Dehydrated and spiced perfectly

“Raw snacks” Raw Love
Simple raw foods like biscotti, coconut icecream bars, granola, kale chips, and more.

“Cheese & Yogurt” Hilary’s Cheese
Grass-fed plain yogurt, brie, blue cheese, flvaoured cream cheeses and curds so fresh they squeek on your teeth.

“Eric Bearclaw” – Incredible provider of ambient acoustic guitar. Pick up a CD!

“(iced) coffee, tea, & honey” Qualicum Coffee Roasting Company & Fredrich’s Honey
Bags of locally roasted beans, herbal tea blends, medium and large jars of Fredrich’s honey, and brewed iced drinks to enjoy on the spot.

“Risotto Mix” Rockin Risotto’s
Pre-assembled risotto packages, with simple instructions for a flawless meal in 20 minutes.

“Vegetables” Living Soils
Fresh vegetables, fruits and more

“Flowers and cookies” Helen’s Cookies
Home of the 3 for $1 cookies! Also offers zuchinni bread, flower bouquets, and sometimes starter plants like raspberry cane.

“Bison meat” Morningstar Bison
Offering ground, roasts, steaks and even pre-made pies! Sometimes sausages, and pepperoni too.

“Cukes, pepps, & tomatoes”
Get in the lineup for hot house tomatoes, bell peppers and english cucumbers!

“Breads, pastries, and iced cream” Bodhi Bread
Croissants, loaves of whole grain breads, cinnamon buns, delectable goat cheese pizza sqaures, and more. Try the home made iced cream made with cream or coconut milk.

“Meats” Hilliers
Really well-priced sandwich meats and bacon. Offers cuts of elk, lamb, poultry, pork and beef. Also eggs.

“flowers and vegetables”
Beautiful arrangements amongst a selection of staple-food fresh vegetables

“snacks and iced tea” Nu Image Meals by Sarah
Gluten free everything! Naturally sweetened treats like banana bread, brownies, protein balls, and more! Also offering a light iced sun tea ready to sip on the spot.

“Soaps” Island Rain
Natural and chemical-free soaps in many fragrances. Also offering hand made rock soap dishes

“Green Party”
Learn about what the heck is up with our government! Pick up a bumper sticker, newsletter, or a t-shirt. Sign up for volunteering, and find out about issues.

“market info”
This is where BeeBop the Clown paints faces and creates balloon friends for children market-goers. This is where you can have a grocery bag, or look through our library of hepful books. All questions about the market can be found here, and we’ll even help you to plan out your weekly meals!

“Foodshare COUPONS”
The BC Association of Farmers has elected Nanaimo Foodshare to distribute coupon booklets to families and seniors who register. In each booklet are $15 worth of coupons redeemable at any of our vendors offering fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products. Get on the waitlist by calling Nanaimo Foodshare.

“Blueberries” Steld Farm
Unsprayed pristine little flavour bombs of nutrients. Avalable in 3 different basket sizes.

“Meats” Ravenstone
Many different flavours of sausages! Often fresh cuts of pork, poultry, beef and more. Also offering eggs

“Breads, scones and granola” Slow Rise Bakery
Offering many types of loaves, sweet and savory scones as well as their own granola blend.

“Eggs, flowers, preserves & vegetables” Zipp’s Farm
Seasonal selection of vegetables and fruits. Gorgeous flower arrangements that stay fresh. Jars of preserves, and eggs

“Turkey, poultry, eggs, starts, and seeds” Omega Blue
omega 3 enriched eggs. Poultry and beef by the pound. Many plant seedlings and packages of heritage seeds

“figs and veggies”
$1 per fig, and a seasonal selection of fresh vegetables

“cookies, pies, & lemonade” Bite Me Cookie Company
Giant cookies, and pies with the classic crust in full-size and individual size. Also offers cold iced tea and lemonade – lightly sweetened with honey or maple- ready for enjoying on the spot.

“Salsa” Salsa Man Salsa Company
In mild, medium, and genuinely meaning HOT. Fresh tomatoes in classic mexican style with cilantro and onions. You’ll never go back to grocery store shelf salsa.

“Garlic” Yellowpoint Blues
Individual bulbs and bunches of huge flavourful garlic.

“Figs! Fig bars, etc”
Fresh figs for $1 each. Home made fruit leather, bars, and bread.

“Millstone Winery”
Local wine makers offering bottles, cases, (and samples!) of many kinds of wine.

“Wolf Brewery”
Local beer makers offering bottles, cases, (and samples!) of many kinds of beer.

“Vegetables” Makaria Farm
A variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Here is a list of vendors and foods that were not present this week:
Nettle & Co. Teas and salves
Oysters, clams and mussels
Fat Chili Sauces, Hummus, Salsa and Pesto
Culture Your OWn Mushrooms
Red Reishi Mushroom Extract
Arbutus Distillery, Coven Vodka and Empire Gin
Cowichan Pasta
Ixim Tortillas
Cedar Beef
Flavours of the Med pre-made spice blends
and more!!