Planetary Culture & The World Game

On the topic of democracy, a person I know poses the following questions:

1. Are we all qualified to make the right decisions when it comes to our governance, and societal policies? We elect people to do this because there is other work for us to do.

2.  Would we be overwhelmed by decision fatigue, something that already occurs in our everyday lives?

To which I replied:

Interesting questions. The current practice of the global democracies we see today is so non-functional that it could be hardly even recognized as democracy. In fact, so many believe it’s not even. My answer to your question would be: that we are totally all qualified to make those decisions and choices. And the advent of various technologies (like the internet) means that we would still have the time to do our other “work”. I think at this point there could be a major overhaul in every way we do things. Buckminster Fuller had the incredible idea to play the World Game…and that was 60 years ago! Imagine how things might change positively if we actually employed all the technology we have for purposes outside of entertainment and convenience. Starting with a zoomed-out initiative to end nationalism. Check this out, guys! [links]

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