How to not get cancer

Cancer and what causes it is no mystery anymore. recently posted an article about the ways to prevent most common cancer.

Apparently, 70% of cancers are completely avoidable. Here are the highlights that stuck out to me in that article, along with some common sense:

  • If you inhale toxic smoke on a regular basis, just quit already. You want to. You think you can’t but you really can. Just don’t have another cigarette – EVER.
  • Don’t drink bottled water. That plastic is bad cancer-causing stuff, even if it says its BPA free. In fact, all plastic is poison. Use with caution, especially around your food.
  • Try not to inhale any gas. Like, when your gas tank is full, don’t keep pumping. Benzene gets caught in your lungs, and on your skin.
  • Don’t eat processed food, especially meats! There are so many known cancer-causing ingredients.
  • Don’t expose yourself to dry-cleaning chemicals. Big time cancer-makers.
  • There are a lot of reviewed studies that have determined a link between mobile phone use and brain cancer.
  • Wash the pesticides off your fruit and veggies if you’re buying them from a grocery store. Soaking is the best way.
  • Lose some weight. Being overweight or obese accounts for 20% of all cancer deaths among women and 14% among men. You can accomplish this by eating less sugar/fat/salt and more plants. Also by drinking tons of water.
  • Don’t use antiperspirant! First of all, your body has to perspire from under your arms.  Secondly, it’s a major cause of breast cancer!
  • Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment! Reduce your intake of acidic foods, and focus on alkalizing.