Istanbul: Demonstrations erupted nearly two weeks ago when police used excessive force on a peaceful demonstration in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. The reactionary demonstrations have evolved from what began as protests against the city’s plans to develop one of its few remaining green spaces to public outcry against the prime minister.
Thousands and thousands of regular folks are being tear gassed and stunned with percussive grenades. Blown away by water cannons, and sprayed in the eyes with burning chemicals. Beaten all over the body and arrested. The “order takers” even use different versions of these chemicals on the people of Turkey, because each have unique remedies. There is a VICE news feature posted below all about this. The part that made me cry, was the moment I realized Turkey is socially very similar to Canada.

Aside from the whole “Save this Green Space” it started out as, what are those people asking for?
According to this blog post which you should totally read in its entirety: “They have no “hidden agenda” as the state likes to say. It is very clear. The whole country is being sold to corporations by the government, for the construction of malls, luxury condominiums, freeways, dams and nuclear plants. The government is looking for (and creating when necessary) any excuse to attack Syria against the people’s will. On top of all that, the government control over its people’s personal lives has become unbearable as of late.”

Some police officers refused to spray innocent people with tear gas and quit their jobs. Restaurants offered food and water for free. Schools, hospitals and even 5-star hotels around Taksim Square opened their doors to the injured. Doctors filled the classrooms and hotel rooms to provide first aid. Around the square authorities placed jammers to prevent internet connection and 3g networks were blocked. Residents and businesses in the area provided free wireless network for the people on the streets.”