It’s been a while since we had a proper rager at our place, and we thought there would be no better occasion than if we hired the greatest Ween tribute band known to man or beast.

Who What When Where

  • Hosted by: Ashta and Patrick McIntosh
  • When: Saturday July 15th 2023
  • Where: 4827 Prospect Drive Ladysmith map
  • Contact for RSVP: Ashta mobile, text or call 250-740-1832 or Instagram DM @ashtaravaganza

What to expect

Drop your camping stuff, then move your car to the dead-end part of Prospect Drive (parking details below).

Opening act/music while you set up your tent and camp spot. BYOB or purchase drink tickets (cash, debit, credit accepted) for the bar which includes kegs from local breweries, mixed drinks, wine, and lots of delicious no-alcohol options. *Special favour and enthusiasm bestowed upon those who bring their own cups.*

Yard games? Kid activities? Be the fun you want to see at a party. Feel free to coordinate something magical for our little people! More details will be added later.

We’ll have a food truck of some sort (likely tacos, with vegan/veg/gf options) and a snack bar (which you’re welcome to contribute a bag of chips to).

Dance your fucking ass off to Ween tribute act Captain Fantasy! They’re coming from the Sunshine Coast to melt your face with an energy rivaled only by Deaner and Gener themselves.

DJ party to move indoors past 11:30pm

Morningtime cafe food truck will be supplying campers with bakery goods and a full-range of coffee offerings. Find bleary-eyed weirdos in the kitchen, make lifelong friends on the trampoline.

So you might get a sense of what the backyard looks like, here is a link to a video of a party we had in 2019. More details about our place is at the bottom of this page.



  • there is an unguarded/unfenced pond and a very high treehouse with a ladder that goes up ~30ft
  • our dog, Wilma, is gentle and loves to play, but we’re asking guests to please leave their dogs at home. If anyone is uncomfortable with Wilma’s presence, we can remove her from the premises. 
  • two cats live in our house

Weather/Change of Plans

If the weather is inclement, the event will be modified to take place indoors and a notice will be posted here on this page (which will remain active until then). If the party will be cancelled, it will be posed here. The weather in mid-late july is often very nice, so the odds are that it will be fine. If it’s hot and sunny, dress with appropriate sun-protection in mind! 


We’ll have a rented porta-potty on the premises. Additional bathroom and hand washing facilities are located on the lower floor of our home, accessible through the back sliding doors. Given the time of year, our water supply will be at the lowest point, so we’re encourage use of the porta-potty over the bathroom.


There is some parking on our property, but there is a lot of space to park along our road, Prospect Drive (especially on the dead-end part of Prospect, west, right turn on Prospect from Wagon Wheel). Please park mindfully without disrupting our neighbours. All of our immediate neighbours will be aware of the party.