Fall photos

A lot of my childhood summers were spent with my Nana Joan in Newfoundland.  As a gift, my mom, Aunt Sherry and myself & Pat flew her out to spend a month with us. Before the month of October, she had never been further west than Toronto.

It was so great having her here. She loved spending all that time with Fox, and sightseeing around Vancouver Island.

I’ve updated my September/October photo album to include some of her favourite shots.

I’ve also started our November album, beginning with Halloween night.

Click on the “Photo Album” tab at the top of this page, or have a peek, here!

It took me two hours to transform myself into a reptilian overlord! Thanks to Patrick (who stayed home all night with the baby), I was able to make it to my gig at the Cambie with just enough mescal in my system to kick-start our set off with The Ballad of Henry Lee by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.