Sweet and Sour End of Summer Episodes


Dear Sweet and Sour Listeners who I apparently have:

I hereby promise to post every damn episode on the DAY OF.

(There. That should do it.)

To make up for my tardiness, here are the MP3’s of the last 4 weeks of SSVH. Share it with your buds, bud. If they like music that doesn’t suck, they’ll thank you. Right click and “Save As’ to own a shiny new MP3 of your very own

September 19th, 2012 Interview with Davin Morin, we hear Annie Becker, Kytami, and a couple sessions at Sully’s Rhythm on the Rock after party (I may or may not be on the tambourine) with Animal Nation!







4 responses to “Sweet and Sour End of Summer Episodes”

  1. kenny brault Avatar


    i thought i would reply to your ad about contributing to your show you ask .. “if you have an idea for a segment for a prerecorded … write me.” would you like a 15 minute or 10 minute or even a 5 minute segment … local first nations music? let me know.

  2. Ashta Avatar

    Kenny, that segment idea sounds great. If you could find someone (other than yourself) to produce and present it, send them my way. I’m not willing to work with you for your proven track record of veiled insults, harassment, and obsessive behaviour. Please refrain from contacting me further, thank you.

  3. kenny brault Avatar

    Ashta your request to send someone your way for local first nation’s music, I suggest drop in down to one of the 4 reserves and meet some local artists or drum / dance groups. But there are also some mp3 of local first nations artists on the Station’s hard drive under “programmers folders” The “cancon local” folder click the “aboriginal” folder check out “Tom Jones” snuneymux songwriter drum check out “ancient sunshine”!

    Ashta, You have a public radio show and ask listeners to check your radio page, it’s not harrassment to comment on your broadcast content. I have never insulted you, veiled or openly, I never harrassed you persoanlly, but I sought an open conversation with you as a CHLY staff member. And I have not obssessed over your radio show. I just tune in like any other show on my CHLY Radio.

  4. Ashta Avatar

    Disrespecting my request to refrain from contacting me is proof of the qualities I mentioned. This will be the last comment from you I permit on my website.

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