Episode 584: Unusual Fruit

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  • Spirit, The Other Song
  • The Mermen, The Goodbye
  • Jess Sah Bi & Peter One, Clipo Clipo
  • Etran de L’Air, Agrim Agadez
  • Daniel Lanois, Frozen
  • Jr Thomas & The Volcanos, Burning Fire
  • Extra Golden, It’s Not Easy
  • Osees & Thee Oh Sees, Said the Shovel
  • Philip Glass/Kronos Quartet/Michael Riesman, Osamu’s Theme
  • The Petch Phin Thong Band, Soul Lam Plearn
  • Gil Trythall, Folsom Prison Blues
  • Thundercat, Walkin’
  • @specialtyproduce, mangosteen
  • @specialtyproduce, cara cara orange
  • @specialtyproduce, rhubarb
  • @specialtyproduce, canistel/yellow sapote/eggfruit
  • @specialtyproduce, black sapote/ chocolate pudding fruit