Local Legends

It’s CANCON week here at the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, and we’re taking it one step closer to home with these tracks from artists who reside on this very island.

Here is the MP3 for ya

Pale Red, Today
Pale Red, Never As Close
Pale Red, Boy Kings Pt II
Pale Red, Sun Sets in a Different Place
Apollo Ghosts, Tiger Head (Aaron Read)
Apollo Ghosts, Who Cares? (Nick Krgovich)
Apollo Ghosts, Hands Free (WUT)
Apollo Ghosts, Montreal Screwjob (KMVP)
Wolf Parade, Fine Young Cannibals
Wolf Parade, Solders Grin
Wolf Parade, Lousy Pictures
Carolyn Mark, Flaming Star
Painted Fruits, Gender
Painted Fruits, Mechanical Rhythm
Great Speckled Fritillary – Polar Star
Blue Moon Marquee, Shading Tree
Blue Moon Marquee, Hard Time Hit Parade