SSVH: May 2nd, 2012

Today on the SSVH, I yammered on about the Fund Drive next week! A fair warning to listeners that next week, we’ll be holding all the programs HOSTAGE!!! We need to raise some money for the station. It’s gotta happen.

In between all this jibber jabber, I played some of my favourite tunes this week. Here’s the playlist:

Ween- Tear for Eddie
The Dears- Omega Dog
Brazilian Girls- St. Petersberg
Pretty Lights- Maybe Tomorrow
Rusko- Bionic Commands

Last up on the show, I read the most recent account of Lantzville’s issues with health and wellness. Then we heard the very first segment of Foodacracy Now The Fruit and Veggie Report presented by Dallas!

Here’s the MP3:

Right click and save, or just listen to it.





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