SSVH: Protesting is important

sppprotestA police officer wielding a rock, costumed to look like one of the protesters. These three sneaky buggers thought they could start some shit, but Paul Manly (yes, that Paul Manly) caught them on camera and outed their big fat cop lies.  Yes, they admitted it, but conveniently forgot to mention the rock. This all happened in 2007 in Montebello Quebec during a trade agreement protest, three years before the G20 summit in Toronto, AKA Canada’s most brutal example of nasty police tricks.

In this week’s episode of The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, we hear a Real News Network clip of a conversation with a journalist and lawyer about how  for the first time a senior police officer has been convicted for discreditable conduct and unnecessary exercise of authority during the G20 summit.

The show closes with some new music from Ireland and Germany.

Protest – Sept 2nd, 2015 Sweet and Sour Variety Hour by Ashta on Mixcloud