Sweet and Sour Variety Hour: Jan 29th 2014

The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour is a program made up of segments produced by community members. Want your own segment? email ashta@ashta.ca

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Wednesday January 29th 2014

1. Film Buff Radio: Tom Waits Special

2. The Real News Network: Canadian Government to expand the sale of weapons globally (cites SNC Lavalin)

3. The Mayor of Burnaby, BC laments about coal export expansion, the corrupt business practices of SNC Lavalin, the heavy handedness of the Federal government and the sorry state of communities rights vs multinational corporations.

4. weather update

5. MUSIC! Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dreams, Xenia Rubinos -Ultima

6. Rap News 21

7. Your Sense Too (with music by Beats Antique)