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  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Survey

    Haven’t done one of these in a looong time! Hello 2008! -What do you remember about finding out you were pregnant? With F, being shocked at how soon after we’d “pulled the goalie” that I got pregnant (3 weeks), and saying “oh my gawwdd” back and forth to one another in amazement. With J, being…

  • The Technique of Elimination Communication

    The Technique of Elimination Communication

    As a parent of multiple babies at this point, I feel as though Ive earned some clout in the management of other human bodies department. The subject has been coming up in conversation lately, so I decided to put down some thoughts on diapering, or rather, not diapering. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLd4ATcd/ Elimination Communication/Natural Infant Hygiene is an…

  • Photografox


    Today was the first time Fox felt the urge to take pictures of his own. I showed him how to use the camera, and he showed to be using it pretty carefully,  so I let him have at it.

  • John Holt on Unschooling

    Most frequently asked questions about unschooling, written by John Holt

  • Spend some time with the Fox man

    What it’s like in our backyard in January

  • Putting poop where it belongs

    Putting poop where it belongs

    An explanation of one mommy’s experience with pee and poo