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Quichiest Quiche that ever Quiched

Simple recipe for a delicious pie. Great for lunches! As long as you’ve got the main ingredients eggs cheese and cream/milk- you can add anything you want to it. Here’s what you’re gonna do:

Take out a frozen pie crust and let it get room temperature.
Preheat oven to 350
Fry up some onions/garlic/shallots/spinach
Add a handful of greens and a little olive oil
Wilt the greens, mix it all up. Set aside
Grate at least a cup of cheese. Oh man. You can never have enough cheese.
Crack 6 eggs in a bowl, add a cup of cream or milk.
WHIP IT! WHIP IT GOOD! more bubbles the better
Pepper pepper pepper pepper pepper
salt if you want
Stir in the pan-fried stuff
Stir in the cheese
Pour into pie shell
Top with dill/thyme/parsley/rosemary
Bake for 35 minutes

Stuff you could add:
Cooked meat (leftovers work well)
Roasted peppers
Cooked asaparagus
Sundried tomatoes

Chinese Egg Drop Soup

Boil up some water
Add a couple table spoons of that powdered chicken broth stuff
Keep er boiling
Throw in a few handfuls of chives/green onions/parsley. You know that stuff grows like mad round hurr.
If the greens are hard, boil em up
Pepper pepper pepper pepper pepper
Crack a couple eggs in there
Give it one stir,
then don’t touch,
Salt if you want
more stuff if you want
Chinese Egg Drop Soup, yo