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Justin Trudeau responds to my question about replacing fossil fuels

Justin Trudeau visited the Port Theatre in Nanaimo on March 15th. VIU campus radio CHLY 101.7 FM was there along with sister campus media The Navigator Newspaper.  Here’s my own summary of how this short conversation went:

I ask “What’s your plan for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies?” He responds by telling me that Canada needs two things:

To not sit back and wait.
To move beyond fossil fuels in time with everyone else.

Hmmmm, okay. Those two things totally contradict each other, and neither of them answer my question at all. I have to ask it again! What is your personal plan, Justin??

Invest money in the science to replace fossil fuel usage with renewable energy.

It’s a good thing Annelise joins in, because she points out: “All the science and technology already exists.”  Apparently, Justin knows this already, and says so with reluctance to continue this conversation, looking away, and begging others with his eyes for someone else to please ask a different question…

It does, indeed.

Annelise closes the sell by asking for commitment. “Are you gonna give us a done deal?” At this point, the man is so desperate to leave this topic that he clumsily mumbles an empty Shakespearean oath:

I will beget it done.

See below for full video transcript

Snuneymuxw Chief Doug White sings a welcome prayer inside the Port Theatre to welcome Justin Trudeau to Nanaimo on March 15th 2013. Trudeau spoke to those who gathered inside the lobby of the Port Theatre, but did not address any questions until a planned “media scrum” in front of Nanaimo’s Harbour Basin. Host of CHLY’s Sweet and Sour Variety Hour Ashta asks “What is your plan for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy?”

Justin: “We need to make sure the money coming in from our reliance on fossil fuels right now is invested towards….uh…..towards….uh…. encouraging renewables. Whether it be solar, whether it be wind, whether it be unto for discovered technologies, we have to make sure that Canada is not sitting back and hoping that we, uh, can profit as much from our fossil fuels before someone figures it out and we have to make sure we are figuring out how to move beyond fossil fuels in, uh, you know, time with everyone else.”

Ashta: “Your personal plan, though? Like, if you…”

Justin: “Investment in research and innovation and science, and uh, weening people off uh, fossil fuels as much as we can. It’s uh… it’s uh… it’s y’know, it’s gonna be a big job, but it’s one that I know Canadians are ready for.”

Annelise: “Are you gonna push for it? Are you gonna push for that?”

Justin: “Yes! I will be pushing for that”

Annelise: “Because all the science and research and technology is there.”

Justin: “It is, indeed”

Annelise: “We need a guy like you to say ‘It’s done’.”

Ashta: “Yeah!”

Annelise: “Are you gonna give us a done deal?”

Justin: “I will beget it done.”



On Happiness, Government, and Finding Out Stuff

I learned a lot this weekend. Mostly, about how I could miss out on an encounter with one of my media heroes Nardwuar the Human Serviette and be so okay with it.

On Friday morning, I got up early, and ran down to the station to meet an excited Tara. Maude Barlow was calling at 7:30, and it was 7:33. Out of breath, I dropped my coat in the studio and flicked all of the appropriate knobs switches and buttons. The interview went great! Tara asked really awesome questions, and Maude of course nailed every one on the head.  Click the play button if you want to hear

A couple months ago I secured CHLY to be the title media sponsor for the event she was in town for. It was called Making Waves: Sinking the Harper Agenda. All day we prepared the equipment and elements needed to cover the event. Armed with recorders, cameras, and CHLY promotional material, we ducked into the rain on mulitple trips across the street to the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, setting up and plotting.

The speakers that night included Snuneymuxw  Cheif Doug White (see my interviews here), Maude Barlow, Bill McKibben, and Linda McQuaig

What each one had to say was moving and reconfirmed my notions about the “nation” of Canada and Planet Earth at large (or small?)

Anyway. From this public forum, I got my paws on some interesting publications. Most of which I was totally unaware of- even those published right here in Nanaimo. For example, Dialogue Magazine. I’m hooked! It’s great reading. In 5 pages of reading, I learned more about Canadian politics than I ever did in my bullshit grade ten “Civics” class held in the smelly yellow portable in the parking lot of Holy Cross Catholic Academy.

I came across an article written by Mark Anielski called Reoccupying Happiness: Building Flourishing Economies of Well-being. Here is the article (you should read it, seriously).

Found in this article are concepts that I am very very interested in. You will be very very interested in them too. It has to do with your happiness. We all just want to be happy, right? I particularly liked the bit about Bhutan. Do you know that country, Bhutan? I didn’t, really. It’s a “tiny Buddhist kingdom of roughly 700 thousand people.” Their whole schtick as a “nation” is simply to be happy. Here’s what the Prime Minister said:

“In Bhutan, personal spiritual fulfillment is not just a spiritual pursuit, it is government policy. My role is to help create conditions that will help our people find happiness.”

Here is an in-depth interview with good ole jolly Jigmi by the UN

Turns out Bhutan is not only just an all-around great place where everyone is chilled out and totally relaxed, it’s one of many countries developing an alternative to the (retarded) concept of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). I would just copy and paste that whole damn article if it meant you’d actually read it, but please. Go read what this guy has to say about the concept of GDP, and all of the OTHER ways of measuring societal progress, health,  well-being, happiness, and fulfillment!

Super interesting, right? Check out their mandate, located on the Bhutanese government website for the Gross National Happiness Commission. I’m in love with this concept. Ever since I heard Dana Larsen mention it during his campaign for BC NDP leadership.

There is enough for everyone on Planet Earth to be healthy, happy, and flourishing. If this wholly tangible utopia doesn’t happen in my lifetime, at the very least I hope it happens in my great-grand childrens. That night Bill said it may never happen because we fucked the Earth so bad already.  Is it naive to hope he’s wrong? Can my idea of utopia exist only in another realm or parallel reality? Here’s hopin.

I’m happy anyway. Know what makes me happy? Optimism. Linked strongly with hope, yes. But I know something that is certain. Here it is:

Nature, love, and truth trumps all. Even capitalism.

Especially capitalism.