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Strings, Winds, Brass, and Ass

Did you know that seals and sea lions have finger nails? Like on their flippers. FLIPPER NAILS. And they look exactly like what you’d imagine; frightening and wrong.

Things You Can’t Un-Know is brought to you by The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, a curated music radio show which airs on CHLY 101.7fm every Wednesday morning from 8-9.

Here is this weeks show

  • 2:21, Alabaster DePlume, Whisky Story Time
  • 1:31, Robohands, Whole
  • 2:26 , BADBADNOTGOOD, To You
  • 1:55, Melanie Charles, Petty
  • 2:39, Makaya McCraven, Butterscotch
  • 1:11, Resavoir, Clouds
  • 1:43, DARGZ/Moses Boyd, Lou’s Tune
  • 2:23, INTERWORLD, Metamorphosis
  • 2:44, Sudan Archives, #513
  • 1:30, Yaya Bey, Meet me in Brooklyn
  • 4:58, Caroline Polachek, Billions
  • 2:14, Brijean, Moody
  • 6:43, SCSI-9, When She Said goodbye
  • 3:25, Special Interest, Midnight Legend
  • 4:09, Family Fodder, Film Music
  • 3:53, Yves Tumor, Secrecy is Incredibly Important To the Both of Them
  • 4:06, Little Simz, Gorilla

Curated Mixtapes

Every Wednesday morning at 8 on CHLY 101.7fm. If that’s too early for FM radio listening, you can always use your podcast provider to listen to the podcasted version. Just search for The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour.

Where the heck else will you find Cat Power, Stevie Wonder and Solange represented in the same hour of music?!

Here is the file

  • Cat Power, Manhattan
  • Madison Cunningham/Remi Wolf
  • Porches, Mood
  • KAYTRANADA, Lite Spots
  • Stereolab, Blips Drips and Strips
  • Parquet Courts, Berlin Got Blurry
  • The Zombies, Tell Her No
  • Gilbert O’Sullivan, Alone Again
  • Billy Joel, Movin’ Out
  • Stevie Wonder, Golden Lady
  • Solange, Rise
  • Xenia Rubinos, Lonely Lover
  • Blood Orange, I Wanna C U
  • Babeheaven, Ode to Dom
  • Nilufer Yanya, Hey
  • Blood Orange, Minette Creek
  • Babeheaven, Seabird

Treason Flower Sobriety Power

Actually, it’s The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, and every Wednesday morning it airs live to about 1.5 million human beings, ~300 orca whales, a few billion notable sea creatures, and untold trillions of bacterium. Every one of these living organisms will be surrounded with the invisible frequency transmission of the songs listed below via terrestrial radio giant CHLY 101.7 FM at 8am PST on Wednesday.

Please donate if you can at chly.ca/donate because our lives cannot be ruled by a psychopathic elite class and their legacy media conglomerates. I mean, unless you’re into that sorta thing.

Here’s the file

  • J. Lamotta/Roy Reemy, לעשות טוב
  • Laura Jean Anderson, Thinkin Bout You
  • Natalia Lafourcade, Hasta la Raiz
  • Ricky Gourmet, Robes
  • Robohands, Leaves
  • Robohands, Ikigai
  • The Poets of Rhythm, South Carolina
  • Adriano Celentano, Prisencolinensinainciusol
  • Tullio De Piscopo, Stop Bajon
  • La Femme, Cool Colorado
  • Benny Sings, Young Hearts
  • Peach Pit, Give Up Baby Go
  • Hey Steve, Whatever Blows Your Hair Back
  • Say She She/Piya Malik, Forget Me Not
  • Gabriel Sayer/Bambina, Youngest Child
  • Hembree, Reach Out
  • Kaelin Ellis/Carrtoons/Kyla Moscovich, Buck
  • Kaelin Ellis/Tony Rosenberg, Cats Groove

Hold’m Joe

The file

  • Ibibio Sound Machine, Color in Your Cheeks
  • Yebba, Evergreen
  • Dirty Projectors & Bjork, No Embrace
  • Stella & Redhino, Charmed
  • Cocteau Twins, Lorelei
  • Hector Morlet, Picture Frame
  • Stereolab, Margerine Melodie
  • WHY?, Good Friday
  • Kalbells, Hump the Beach
  • Ray Cathode, Time Beat
  • Moondog, Dog Trot
  • Thee Sacred Souls, Will I See You Again?
  • Mose Allison, Young Man’s Blues
  • The Tammy’s, Egyptian Shumba
  • The Fabulous Three, NIghtbird
  • Galt MacDermot, Woe Is Me
  • Andre Toussaint, Hold’M Joe
  • S.E. ROgie, Recipe for Truth and Lasting Happiness

Year 12

January of 2012 I began the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour. Now we begin it’s 12th season.

Generally, I like to deliver an accompanying soundtrack to what I imagine others are also experiencing at 8 in the morning; it’s early, I’m rising. Things are slowly moving, my ability to reckon with waking life increases with every stretch and sip of coffee. By 9am, I’m ready to party! The selections I’ve agonized over reflect this experience. That’s the idea, anyhow.

Here is the file

(playlist in progress)