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Sacred Economics, Surviving Progress & Forbidden Fruit

Documentaries. A medium that serves to educate, entertain, and stimulate. So many of the topics I enjoy learning about are often entirely connected. My own fascination and thirst for this stuff fuels my need for sharing them with you now. Every day I come across information that I want to share.

Last week at Film Buff, I watched a new documentary called Surviving Progress. The film explored what that word means in every way. In the film, David Suzuki identifies economic externalities as “nuts”. Here’s that clip:

It’s a good movie, I recommend exploring what the word “progress” means in the context it is so often used.

Now here’s a short doc (12 mins) that does an overview of global economics and it’s relationship to the planet’s dominant species, the human being. This guy makes a lot of good points.

I recommend picking up the book Sacred Economics from a local book shop in your area, or visit here to pay whatever you want to get a digital version.

A subject that holds me captive in thorough fascination every time I begin to learn about it is mycology. Paul Stamets is coming out with a 3D documentary, and here is a clip from that:

If this is your first time hearing about Stamets and his work, I recommend this classic gem:

February 13th

Hi reader! Here are my blog bullets for this monday spent at Film Buff:

  • Had a great weekend on Salpspring Island, as usual. Interviewed Elizabeth May!!
  • The West Side Story movie  is very racist and mildly sexist.
  • Reader supported newspaper columns are totally amusing. Check out the Valentines in Seattles (only) newspaper The Stranger.
  • Lucky is the first person to spy the biggest muffin out of the oven.
  • Another huge reason I love The Stranger: Savage Love by Dan Savage. I used to really love reading these every time I stepped on the train. I just read every column published in the last year. Another one I really found interesting as hell was Sasha‘s column Love Bites.
  • The US Vs. John Lennon is a great documentary! Watch the trailer here