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  • Bitcoin Episode

    Information for newbies to Bitcoin! Oh, and lots of brand new tunes with a couple of spicy pre-releases.

  • Hicks quote about tv

    “Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye” – Bill Hicks I’ll extend this thought to mean television programming. Networks have an interest in programming what you think – even beyond the obvious consumer objective. Sure they want you to buy those things, but moreover they want you to think you…

  • War is obsolete


  • Syria today

    Chemical attack. My heart goes out to the families of those 11 children who were lost and to everyone else who survived or had loved ones who perished in #Syria today. I feel like my anonymous white tax dollars have paid to make those rebels in one way or another. I am so ashamed, and…

  • Promo for CHLY

    Please donate! Listen to Chelsea perform a script here

  • Sanders Panders?

    Sanders Panders?

    facebook controversies over this pic: Here’s my one-sided account: I’m really glad Bernie Sanders was talking “down” about Monsanto. They are a company that uses their media ties and copious revenue to continue veiling horrible, obsolete, practices. I find it very likely that threat occurred. It’s happened before, why couldn’t it happen again? Seems legit…