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Fall Fund Drive 2017

Every Wednesday morning! The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour! CHLY 101.7FM 8AM PST

On Wednesday October 18th, 2017: Good music punctuates my opinions about radio and how you can stick it to the man by personally investing in a strong and healthy antidote to commercial media. Donate to the station on a monthly basis to provide maximum benefit for all!! Petey Pete joins me in the studio too. 60% just talking.




Wizard of Meh – Pogo
Olafor Arnalds – Doria
Boyce Avenue – Give a Little Bit
Adam Green – Castles and Tassels
Soft Jazz Band – Jazz to the Breakfast
Maroon 5, Julia Michaels – Help Be out
Led Zeppelin – Thank You
Eagles of Death Metal – Stacks-o-money
John Tejeda – Farther And Fainter
The Stairwells – I Need a Dollar /Two Weeks
Simply Red- Money’s Too Tight
John Mellancamp – Thank You

Let’s all re-appreciate Keegan’s artwork and depiction of Nanaimo, in this mind-ba-lowing poster from 2012 (?)

Special Variety: PFR & TV Buff Radio

Last week all the programmers down at CHLY tried their darndest to raise $20,000. Unfortunately, we’ve still got $5000 to go before meeting the minimum it will take to ensure community access radio continues to grow in Nanaimo. Every Thursday at noon, I co-host a show with Kevin M. called People First Radio (you can find the MP3’s if you click on the radio tab along the top of this page)

Here is a conversation between Kevin and I about media consolidation. Otherwise known as “The Reason CHLY Needs That Money”

Here is the MP3

Fast forward a week, and you’ll get to todays episode of the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour. This first part is a short piece of music followed by some events coming up presented by Jerry (12 mins)

Here is the MP3

TV Buff Radio!

Here is the MP3