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  • Music and Human Serviettes

    Music and Human Serviettes

    This week on the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, some music and the documentary that Nardwuar’d Nardwuar. Here is the file of information, which will occupy the frequency of 101.7FM for one hour on Wednesday August 19th 2020. Specifically 8am. Decipher it with the proper technology, or try concentrating really hard to tune into the…

  • On Happiness, Government, and Finding Out Stuff

    “In Bhutan, personal spiritual fulfillment is not just a spiritual pursuit, it is government policy. My role is to help create conditions that will help our people find happiness.” -Prime Minster of Bhutan, a tiny Buddhist kingdom of roughly 700 thousand people sandwiched between China and India.

  • TEDxTalk: Nardwuar the Human Serviette

    A classic personality deserving of celebration. Unique tactics render this guy one of the greatest interviewers ever (I think). I’m going to see his punk-rock band the Evaporators tonight at Fascinating Rhythm, but you shouldn’t come.