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  • Friday Friday Friday

    Friday Friday Friday

    Here is the file (59:29)

  • Falling Leaves Mixtape

    Falling Leaves Mixtape

    This week on Ashta Made You a Mixtape, a curated hour of non-stop music to groove to. All over the place when it comes to genres, but generally lots of neo psych’y weirdo stuff I think you’ll love. The first song in this mix absolutely bangs and I have listened to it on repeat all…

  • No habla ingles

    No habla ingles

    Not an english lyric in sight this week Here is the file

  • Happy Friday

    Happy Friday

    This week on Ashta Made You A Mixtape, some uplifting tunes for your Friday night. Playing live at 9pm on Friday THE THIRTEEEENNNNTH Here is the file 3:51, Lemonade Market, Supermarket Woman 3:35, Pete Brandt’s Method, What You Are 3:43, Luke Temple, Hard Working Hand 2:43, Wabie, Hey Lover! 4:22, Brazilian Girls, St. Petersburg 2:24,…

  • Friday September 22

    Friday September 22

    Unfortunately I messed when moving the podcast from the SSVH to AMYAM, which means last weeks show will not show up on the podcast feed. Fingers crossed that this one does! This week on Ashta Made You a Mixtape Here is the file

  • Final Sweet & Sour

    Final Sweet & Sour

    The Sweet & Sour Variety hour is ending. After 11 years on Wednesday mornings, I am closing it down. I’m making room for a brand new morning news broadcast that will air on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:30. Not to worry, because I’ve got a new show! In a new time slot! My new…