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  • Photo Slideshow: Juan De Fuca Hike 2013

    Some shots from our 4-day hiking excursion. We ate like kings, bathed in pristine waters, and hardly even got smelly. Hardly.

  • Ashta Guts and Skins a Deer

    …I understood that the energy of his life didn’t dissolve or disappear or cease, instead it re-circulated into the place where I myself came from before my own incarnation. I understood that his life may even be recirculated again in some incarnation that would touch me in another way. Maybe he would come back as…

  • Diversity Festival 2012

    This past weekend was so much fun. Me and 4 lovely women mounted Pat’s bronco and headed to Texada island with the stereo pumpin. We donned bathing suits, sunscreen, and a large skull head. Here is what happened: