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  • Photo Slideshow: Juan De Fuca Hike 2013

    Some shots from our 4-day hiking excursion. We ate like kings, bathed in pristine waters, and hardly even got smelly. Hardly.

  • Ashta Guts and Skins a Deer

    …I understood that the energy of his life didn’t dissolve or disappear or cease, instead it re-circulated into the place where I myself came from before my own incarnation. I understood that his life may even be recirculated again in some incarnation that would touch me in another way. Maybe he would come back as…

  • Diversity Festival 2012

    This past weekend was so much fun. Me and 4 lovely women mounted Pat’s bronco and headed to Texada island with the stereo pumpin. We donned bathing suits, sunscreen, and a large skull head. Here is what happened:

  • Peru Photos

    I sifted through the scrillion pics we took on our month-long jaunt to South America, and here are the best 300. It was a fantastic time! If you press play, you can just watch. Check it oot, eh?

  • Ever get a song stuck in your head?

    This one has been in there for weeks! This is our shaman Gumercindo singing an icaro. He sang these songs while shaking some dried eucalyptus for hours and hours on end! So soothing…

  • Best Road Trip: Western Seaboard