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Slower to Faster

Here’s another hour-long mixtape of tunes that pick up the tempo as time goes on.

Here is the file, airing live over FM radio waves to every single being in the broadcast range of 101.7fm CHLY


  • Julia Jacklin- Body
  • Ty Segall – The Arms
  • Summer Cannibals – Simple Life
  • Sault – Masterpiece
  • Allah-Las – Raspberry Jam
  • Crumb – Ghostride
  • Crumb – Locket
  • Crumb – Nina
  • A Tribe Called Red – The OG
  • A Tribe Called Red – NDN Kars – Remix
  • A Tribe Called Red – We Are the Halluci Nation
  • Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – For Pete’s Sake
  • Guards – Take My Mind
  • Sault – Let Me Go
  • Pond – Paint Me Silver

Half Music, Half Real News

This week on the Sweet and Sour, we hear new jazz from the soundtrack of Edward Norton’s new movie Motherless Brooklyn, paired with a tangy dose of Chris Bear, King Kahn, and a lovely little tune from Jennie Lawless. Follow that up with two timely episodes from The Real News Network.

Here is the file, airing live to 40 coastal communities and roughly a million living human souls on Wednesday November 6th, 2019 on CHLY 101.7fm


Hundred Percent Music

This week, a curated mixtape for your listening pleasure.

Here is the file, airing live to 40 coastal communities on CHLY 101.7FM on Wednesday, October 30th 2019


Eden Ahbez- Eden’s Island
The King Kahn & BBQ Show – Waddlin’Around
Ian Daniel Kehoe- Prizes Through the Mazes of the Jungle
Quantic & Nicodemus – Mi Swing Es Tropical
Liquid Liquid – Cavern
The Martini’s – Hung Over
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Tabaco y Ron

Last of the Candidates

Over the past 4 weeks we have heard interviews with candidates from red, blue, orange, and green, put together in a #nanaimopodcast called #nanaimochronicles by Tod Maffin. I want to thank Tod for being a contributing community member to the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour.

In today’s episode of the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, voices from the remaining candidates! We hear the final installment of Tod Maffin’s Nanaimo Chronicles podcast, with introductions from Brian Marlatt (Progressive Conservative Party) and Jennifer Clarke (Peoples Party of Canada).

After that, I spend a half hour with James Chumsa, from the Communist Party of Canada.

In the final half hour, we hear from Geoff Stoneman, a candidate hoping to win another Independent seat in the House of Commons.

Here is the file, airing live on CHLY 101.7fm on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 at 8am PST

Unfortunately, there is one more independent, named Echo White, who I wasnt able to interview in time for this release.

Though CHLY broadcasts to over 40 coastal communities (and 4 or 5 different ridings), I chose to feature running candidates in the home riding for CHLY 101.7 FM. In #NanaimoLadysmith, there will be a total of 9 candidates to choose from on October 21st!

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Music and Nanaimo Chronicles: Corfield

45 minutes of great music, followed by the 4th installment of Tod Maffin‘s Nanaimo Chronicles, a conversation with Liberal Party member, Michelle Corfield, who is running in the upcoming federal election for a chance at becoming Nanaimo-Ladysmith’s Member of Parliament.

Broadcast at 8am PST on Wednesday October 9th, 2019 on CHLY 101.7FM this is the file


  • Nico – These Days
  • Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You in the End
  • The Concretes – Miss You
  • Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Hush Down
  • Chris Bear- Gatsby Intro
  • The Orb, Lee Scratch Perry – Golden Clouds
  • LA Priest – Oino
  • Mcbaise – Le jardin
  • Francoise de Roubaix – Les Amis – Actual Magic Remix
  • Tony Allen (feat. Damon Albarn) – Go Back
  • Pete Drake – Forever
  • Nanaimo Chronicles : Michelle Corfield, Liberal Party of Canada
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – No No No