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January and February pictures

Here is the link to all of my photo albums. I’ve just gotten around to adding the January album, and I’ve added literally hundreds of pictures into the February album – even though it’s not even half-way done!

January was a month in which we left our Christmas tree up all month.  Xavier visited from Calgary and so did X-tine.  Our house was always full of playing children! So wonderful.

For the first 2 weeks of February we went to Mexico for a visit with Fox’s Grandma and Grandpa. We had such a great time at the beaches, visiting with friends, and going out on the town, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

December 2014 Photos

All photos from this month. Click here

December started with a trip to visit Cora and Ian on Cortes Island.  We celebrated Samara’s first birthday with a feast and new friends.

Then Fox and I flew to Toronto and visited for 2 weeks with my grandparents at the cottage.  We got to see lots of family and even had an early Christmas!

We got home at night on December 23rd where Patrick had a real Christmas tree set up! Complete with decorations! On Christmas eve, we had an open-house party and lots of our friends came over.

Daniel and Ingrid spent the night and we all opened gifts in the morning. I made a breakfast with the bacon Luke left on our porch from a pig he raised, killed, and then butchered himself! After breakfast we watched the Trailer Park Boys Xmas special then played disc golf at Bowen Park.  After that, we all went over to Kris and Nate’s for an amazing meal.

We spent Boxing day at Astrid and Kurt’s house and many of them went to the polar bear swim in Departure Bay.

After that we went to Amber’s house to celebrate her 25th birthday with the kids (and a million snacks!)

Today is New Years Eve and we began the day with an all-request and dedication radio show. Since then we’ve been lying around, and making apple sauce.


November Photo Album

Here’s a link to the album

This past month:

X-Tine comes to visit and we did some cool shit

Pat kills a deer and we have a fun family afternoon at Paul’s butchering it up

Fox and I fly to Calgary for a few days  (his first time on an airplane!)

I flesh and boil the head of Pat’s buck, preparing it for a European mount

General Fox cuteness

We visit Salt Spring Island for a whole weekend with Uncle Brock, Marianna, Jenny and Aunt Lori

Fall photos

A lot of my childhood summers were spent with my Nana Joan in Newfoundland.  As a gift, my mom, Aunt Sherry and myself & Pat flew her out to spend a month with us. Before the month of October, she had never been further west than Toronto.

It was so great having her here. She loved spending all that time with Fox, and sightseeing around Vancouver Island.

I’ve updated my September/October photo album to include some of her favourite shots.

I’ve also started our November album, beginning with Halloween night.

Click on the “Photo Album” tab at the top of this page, or have a peek, here!

It took me two hours to transform myself into a reptilian overlord! Thanks to Patrick (who stayed home all night with the baby), I was able to make it to my gig at the Cambie with just enough mescal in my system to kick-start our set off with The Ballad of Henry Lee by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.