Making citizen journalism easy

Greetings, reader.

As you may know, I have a weekly radio show called The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, which is a show made up of segments produced by community members. The Radio Malaspina Society is a not-for-profit campus and community radio initiative. The SSVH is a radio opportunity for anyone who wants to share casually with CHLY’s listening audience a radio segment on a topic of their choice, without committing to an every-week spot, and without having to learn any technical skills.  It can be a one-time, or regular occurrence.  Indeed, this has been a chance for citizen journalism to exist in a medium currently dominated by commercial media.

Recently, I’ve become involved with another non-profit called Mid-Island Television Society. Within the scope of this initiative,  I am extending the opportunity for community members to share programming with a television audience on Shaw Cable’s tv channel. Channel 4 is widely watched by many people in the mid-island area.

If you,  someone you know, or an organization/business is interested in putting together either a radio show, or a television show, please pass along my e-mail.