What the SNC Lavalin story means

My friend, Julie wrote about this story: “It calls into question the entire concept of the attorney general being free from political interference. It amounts to the prime minister committing an obstruction of justice. Which then begs the question, as Coyne says, about whether this is a country that even follows the rule of law, or are they just goalposts to be moved by the rich as they see fit? But more, it exposes the entire machination behinds these kinds of deals between government and corporations: the sheer entitlement that SNC Lavalin has in committing a crime and then expecting – demanding! – that they be spared from prosecution. And then demoting the person who has the integrity to actually follow the law – an indigenous woman, no less. The implications of this are huge. Also this is systemic as well. This same privilege underpins all of these stories of unpunished corruption”