Cohen, Blockchain, Tribe, Trews

There have been some monumental happenings this past week, and The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour is attempting to cover all the bases.  We begin with some words spoken by Leonard Cohen in one of his final public interviews, set to the final song on his final album. Then our minds and hearts are wrenched by the reworkings of German pianist, Lambert which continues behind a TED talk given by Bettina Warburg, a Blockchain Expert and Co-Founder of the laboratory Animal Ventures. She explains what the heck the Blockchain is, and how it is going to radically change global economy. Music, music, music for a while, capping off with a track from A Tribe Called Quest’s newly released album (after 17 years!) entitled “We Got it from Here”.  Next is Russell Brand with an utterly jokeless and absolutely spot-on take on the American election results. Finalizing the program, set to J Dilla, is a little encouragement from me.

Leonard Cohen – String Reprise
Moderat – Bad Kingdom, Lambert Rework
Jacob Groening – Lambert’s Bad Kingdom
TED Talk- What is the Blockchain? By Bettina Warburg
St. Vincent – Laughing with a Mouth of Blood
Dan Deacon – When I was Done Dying
Dur- Dur Band – Halelo
Nobody – Wake up and Smell the Millenium
A Tribe Called Quest – Movin Backwards
The Trews – Russell Brand comments on US election results
Ashta & J Dilla

I’m quite happy with how this week’s production came together.

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