Curation Nation

Every week I screen albums and artists that seem like a good fit for The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour. Whenever I hear a song that catches me, I do whatever it takes to find out who it is, and mark it to be included in this week’s radio offering. Often a theme or a certain sound ends up dominating the hour. Once I have enough music, I fuss over which order they will play, and how I will shape the mood of the listener. Over the past ten years, I must have spent a thousand hours doing this. Even though my days are absolutely full to the brim managing children, a bustling farming/manufacturing business, and a household, I still spend the time to create The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour for no money.

This week I’ve included a snippet of some criticism levied against the corporate music machine (at 27 minutes), which illustrates some of the reasoning behind why this show is a part of my life and why I do it every week.

So, remember back when we were in elementary school and we made intentional mixtapes for our friends and crushes. Remember how much heart and mood was being translated through the music and remember that this is why so many of the volunteers at CHLY do what they do every week.

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This is the file for this weeks show that you can download freely, and which shows up on the RSS feed that informs the podcast providers. It’s yours. Take it.

Here is a list of the music

  • Desmond Cheese, Boo Ha Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • Guts / Lorine Chia, Peaceful Life
  • Guts, Good Morning
  • Guts, Didn’t I? (Guts Re-edit)
  • Darondo / Dave Allison, Didn’t I? (Dave Allison Re-edit)
  • Mk.gee, You
  • Esbe, Darling
  • Tik Tok user @Vattica, Music Industry Secrets: Playlists
  • Tik Tok user @ItsPusher, Branding
  • Heatbox, B Satisfied
  • Lucky Daye, Late Night
  • Toro y Moi, Ordinary Pleasure
  • The Kooks, Junk of the Heart (Happy)
  • Dansu, Don’t You Give Up
  • Against All Logic, Now U Got Me Hooked
  • Tik Tok user @nerdyaboutneature, Wildfire season
  • Rage Against the Machine, Renegades of Funk