Final Sweet & Sour

The Sweet & Sour Variety hour is ending. After 11 years on Wednesday mornings, I am closing it down.

I’m making room for a brand new morning news broadcast that will air on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:30.

Not to worry, because I’ve got a new show! In a new time slot!

My new show is called Ashta Made You A Mixtape and you can hear it Friday nights at 9pm PST on CHLY 101.7fm

Nothing will change but the name and *when* it airs.

The Sweet and Sour podcast gets thousands of downloads every month, so you’ll still get your curated music mixtape through your podcast provider. You can also stream any time at

Premiering September 15th on 101.7fm CHLY

Here is the final Sweet & Sour

  • 3:05, Satanicpornocultshop, Pinky
  • 4:13, De La Soul/Otis Redding, Eye Know
  • 2:45, The Hitchhikers/The Mighty Pope, Mr. Fortune
  • 3:24, Ted Lucas, Robins Ride
  • 2:29, Pierre Cavalli, Possarinhos
  • 3:27, Ben Marc, Way We Are
  • 5:21, Ron Everett, Glitter of the City
  • 2:58, Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman/Les Baxter, Moon Moods
  • 4:33, JayWood, Just Sayin’
  • 4:28, Dizzy K., Sweet Music
  • 5:01, Sir Was, I Dont Think We Should Wait
  • 2:45, Kip Nelson/Bira, Be On My Side
  • 3:29, Part Time, Jean’s Ballad
  • 3:14, Destroyer, The Very Modern Dance
  • 4:08, Phil Kieran/Bush Tetras, Snake Crawl
  • 1:34, Sneaks, Tough Luck
  • 3:11, Altin Gun, Sofor Bey