Gentle Hands of January

The Earth cranes its neck and begins its slow motion nod back towards the star that heats its ever-changing face. Every rotation we feel it just a little more. From under the heavy clouds that make their shadows, we can feel it, and we wont stop feeling it.

The file

The songs

  • Eola, B and O Blues
  • Young & Sick, Cicadas
  • Ibibio Sound Machine, Cry (Eyed)
  • Falle Nioke/Sir Was, Wonama yo ema
  • Reginald Omas Mamode IV, In Search of Balance
  • The Shacks, Trip to Japan
  • Dougie Poole, Vaping on the Job
  • Bermuda Triangle, Suzanne
  • Anjimile, Baby No More
  • Hey Cowboy!, Cherry Jerry Citrus
  • Kit Sebastian, Rain
  • Female Species, Stop and Think it Over
  • Lambchop, Give Me Your Love
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra, That Life
  • Young & Sick, Brother
  • LCD Soundsystem, New Body Rhumba