Half Happy Tunes Half Esther Perel on Work

This week on The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, we hear some upbeat music for half an hour, and then we hear the first half of a one-hour conversation between Adam Grant and the brilliant Esther Perel which aired on her new podcast called How’s Work (of which I highly recommend!)

Here is the file, airing live to over a million human beings in the Coast Salish area of Cascadia via CHLY 101.7FM

Here are the tracks

  • Rene Aubry – Happy Voices
  • Randy Newman – Monsters, Inc.
  • Rene Aubry – My Body is My House
  • George Bruns – Nation on Wheels
  • Mop Mop – Kamakumba
  • Taggy Matcher – Paranoid
  • Four Tet – Locked
  • Radio Citizen – Everything (feat. Bajka)
  • How’s Work with Esther Perel and Adam Grant