Holiday Sounds, NOT Christmas Carols

Ashta Made You a Mixtape of music that sounds Christmassy, but ’tis not of yuletide sentiment nor lyric. Airing live on Friday December 22nd at 9pm on 101.7FM CHLY

Here is the file

  • 2:05, Monster Rally, Sunshine
  • 7:57, Misha Panfilov, Days As Echoes
  • 1:31, Robohands, Whole
  • 2:42, Chet Atkins, Good Stuff
  • 1:31, Monster Rally, Pow Wow
  • 3:39, Bibio, Saint Thomas
  • 3:10, Gatatchew Mekurya, Musiqa Heywete
  • 1:07, Monster Rally, Twilight Dream
  • 2:45, Simon Farintosh, Alberto Balsam
  • 2:40, Monster Rally, Hazy Palava
  • 5:11, Morgan Delt, Some Sunsick Day
  • 3:47, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Oh Bother
  • 5:11, Frank LoCrasto, Simple Times
  • 8:18, Alice Coltrane, Turiya & Ramakrishna






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