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Broadcasting every Wednesday morning to every plant and animal in most of the Salish Sea, may I present the The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour for  March 28th, 2018.  An hour of moody-ass variety!

Here is the file

We begin with some words spoken by Leonard Cohen in one of his final public interviews, set to the final song on his final album. Then our minds and hearts are wrenched by the reworkings of German pianist, Lambert which continues behind a TED talk given by Bettina Warburg, a Blockchain Expert and Co-Founder of the laboratory Animal Ventures. She explains what the heck the Blockchain is, and how it is going to radically change global economy.  Cool beans, eh?! Next comes a set of music, and then an episode from The Real News Network interviewing indigenous environmental activist, Clayton Thomas-Muller about “Standing Rock of the North” on Burnaby Mountain.  He  says not only did arrests take place outside exclusion zone but police are escalating their aggression against non-violent land and water defenders with aim of criminalizing peaceful dissent. More music to follow and close the program.

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Leonard Cohen – String Reprise
Moderat – Bad Kingdom, Lambert Rework
Jacob Groening – Lambert’s Bad Kingdom
TED Talk- What is the Blockchain? By Bettina Warburg
St. Vincent – Laughing with a Mouth of Blood
Nobody – Wake up and Smell the Millenium
A Tribe Called Quest – Movin Backwards
The Real News Network – Aggressive Police Tactics Escalate Against TransMountain Pipeline Protests in Canada
The Isley Brothers – Ohio/Machine Gun
Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou – Homesickness